Faculty Works

Our students and faculty members keep busy with a variety of scholarly activities. Here are some recent examples of our faculty members' accomplishments from this decade. This is not an all-inclusive list. These are just examples because otherwise some of these lists would be impractically long.

Professional Organization Recognition

Dr. Aneeq Ahmad served as President-Elect (2012), President (2013), and Past-President (2014) of the Southwestern Psychological Association. He was the 2017 Distinguished Foreign Speaker at the International Conference on Health and Wellbeing held at Lahore College for Women University in Pakistan. 
Dr. Travis Langley was a featured speaker at the Southwestern Psychological Association's annual meeting (2015) and Trauma-Con (2017), among others.
Dr. Paul Williamson received the Distinguished Service Award (2013) from the Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality (American Psychological Association Division 36).

Recent Books Authored

Langley, T. (2012). Batman and psychology: A dark and stormy knight. New York, NY: Wiley.
Williamson, W. P., & Hood, R. W., Jr. (2016). Psychology and spiritual transformation in a substance abuse program: The Lazarus Project. Lanham, MD: Lexington.

Recent Journal Articles

Bejarano, R., & Foltz, A. (2013). Function transfer in human operant experiments: The roles of stimulus pairings and covert verbal mediation. Experimental Analysis of Human Behavior Bulletin, 29(1), 8-11.
Beltzer, E. K., Fortunato, C. K., Guaderrama, M. M., Peckins, M. K., Garramone, B. M., & Granger, D. K. (2010). Salivary flow and alpha-amylase: Collection technique, duration, and oral fluid type. Physiology & Behavior, 101(2), 289-286.
Granger, D. A., Fortunato, C. K., Beltzer, E. K., Virag, M., Bright, M. A., & Out, D. (2012). Focus on methodology: Salivary bioscience and research on research on adolescence: An integrated perspective. Journal of Adolescence, 35(4), 1081-1095.
Nemoda, Z., Horvat-Gordon, M., Fortunato, C. K., Beltzer, E. K., Scholl, J. L., & Granger, D. A. (2011). Assessing genetic polymorphisms using oral fluid as a biospecimen. BMC Medical Research Methodology, 11(1), 1-13.
Silver, C., Hood, R. W., Jr., & Williamson, W. P. (2013). The differential evaluation of religious risk rituals involving serpents in two cultures. Studia Relicologica, 46(1), 7-21. DOI: 10.4467/20844077SR.13.001.12.   
Williamson, W. P., & Ahmad, A. (in press). The Bi-Directional Spirituality Scale: Construction and initial evidence for validity. Spiritual Psychology & Counseling
Williamson, W. P., & Hood, R. W., Jr. (2013). Religious fundamentalism and perceived threat: A report from an experimental study. Mental Health, Religion, and Culture. (Currently online; forthcoming in print)   
Williamson, W. P., & Hood, R. W., Jr. (2015). The role of mentoring in spiritual transformation. A faith-based approach to recovery from substance abuse. Pastoral Psychology, 64(1), 135-152. (Read online.)  
Williamson. W. P., & Hood, R. W., Jr. (2013). Spiritual transformation. A phenomenological study among recovering substance abusers. Pastoral Psychology, 62(6), 889-906.
Paul Williamson, W P., Hood, R. W., & Chen, Z. (2018). The God Mysticism Scale: A brief version. Pastoral Psychology. 1-12. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11089-018-0856-7

Recent Chapters

Hood, R. W., Jr., & Williamson, W. P. (2012). Ambiguity in the signs as an antidote to the impediment of Godly love in primitive and progressive Pentecostals. In M. T. Lee & A. Yong (Eds.), Godly love: Impediments and possibilities (pp. 21-40). Lanham, MD: Lexington.
Langley, R. M. (2018). Mother superior, feeling inferior: Post-partum depression and the mother he didn't know. In T. Langley, (Ed.), Daredevil psychology: The devil you know (pp. 125-137). New York, NY: Sterling.
Langley, T. (2016). A dark and stormy knight: Why Batman? In D. Barnard (Ed.), Sparks: A reader to energize writing (4th ed.) (pp. 122-130). Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt.
Langley, T. (2017). Psychology/psychiatry. In R. Duncan & M. Smith (Eds.), The secret origin of comics studies (pp. 164-174). New York, NY: Routledge. 
Madrid, M., & Langley, R. M. (2017). A mother's magic: Parenting issues in paradise. In T. Langley & M. Wood (Eds.), Wonder Woman psychology: Lassoing the truth (pp. 125-137). New York, NY: Sterling.

Books Edited

Langley, T. (2015). Star Wars psychology: Dark side of the mind. New York, NY: Sterling.
Langley, T. (2015). The Walking Dead psychology: Psych of the living dead. New York, NY: Sterling.
Langley, T. (2016). Captain America vs. Iron Man: Freedom, security, psychology. New York, NY: Sterling.
Langley, T. (2016). Doctor Who psychology: A Madman with a box. New York, NY: Sterling.
Langley, T. (2016). Game of Thrones psychology: The mind is dark and full of terrors. New York, NY: Sterling.
Langley, T. (2017). Star Trek psychology: The mental frontier. New York, NY: Sterling.
Langley, T. (2018). Daredevil psychology: The devil you know. New York, NY: Sterling.
Langley, T., & Goodfriend, W. (2018). Westworld psychology: Violent delightsNew York, NY: Sterling.
Langley, T., & Simmons, A. (2019). Black Panther psychology: Hidden kingdoms. New York, NY: Sterling.
Langley, T., & Wood, M. (2017). Wonder Woman psychology: Lassoing the truth. New York, NY: Sterling.
Langley, T., & Zubernis, L. S. (2017). Supernatural psychology: Roads less traveled. New York, NY: Sterling.

Examples of Presentations

Ahmad, A., Williamson, W. P., & Hassan, S. (2018). Bi-Directional Spirituality Scale: Validity, reliability, and cross-cultural comparisons. International Conference on Gender, Religion, & Culture: Issues, Challenges, & Prospects, Lahore, Pakistan.
Beltzer, E. K.
, Granger, D. A., Horvart-Gordon, M., Fortunato, C. K., Scholl, J. L., & Nemoda, Z. (2011, March). Utility of salivary DNA assessments in child development studies: methodological considerations for collection and storage. Society for Research in Child Development, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Langley, T. (2016, July). Navigating the borders between narrative and psychological science. International Society for the Empirical Study of Literature, Chicago, IL.
Robles, E., Schafer, M., Wilson, R., Scarpati, F., & Bejarano, R. (2009). Degree of delay discounting as predictor of outcome of methamphetamine abuse treatment. Society for the Quantitative Analysis of Behavior, Phoenix, AZ.
Williamson, W. P. (2013). Religious fundamentalism and racial prejudice: A study concerned with implicit and explicit measurement. Pre-conference on Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, Society for Personality & Social Psychology. New Orleans, LA.  
Williamson, W. P. (2013, January). Religious fundamentalism and racial prejudice: A study concerned with implicit and explicit measurement. Pre-conference on Psychology of Religion-Spirituality at the annual meeting of the Society for Personality & Social Psychology, New Orleans, LA.

Ongoing Online Activities

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