Business Area Test

The BAT is a computerized, multiple-choice test divided into two, one-hour sessions. The test requires approximately two and a half hours to complete. Each test contains question that elicit concrete information as well as questions that require interpretation of graphs, diagrams, and charts based on material closely related to the field. Area covered on the test and the approximate number of questions are:

  • Accounting - 19
  • Economics - 15
  • Finance - 13
  • Management - 20
  • Marketing - 14
  • Quantitative Business Analysis - 19

As a major part of the School of Business's outcomes assessment program, the BAT is administer to all graduating seniors with a major in Business. The BAT is designed to assess mastery of concepts, principles, and knowledge typically expected of students upon completion of an undergraduate degree in business. The test goes beyond factual knowledge and tests the students' ability to analyze and solve problems, understand relationships, and interpret material.

Admission and Fees

Candidates for the test pay a fee of $40 at the Business Office and retain the receipt. The receipt and Photo ID are used as admission on exam day.


With online testing scores are reported immediately after testing. If paper tests are used, scores will be available in four to six weeks after the test is administered. The results of the exam are reported for each individual and overall scores are reported for Henderson State  University.

A minimum performance score of the GAT is required of all business graduates at Henderson State University. A minimum score of 140 is required. Students not meeting the performance score will be required to retake the exam at an additional cost during the week of final exams.