Pharmacy (Pre-Professional)

Below is a possible schedule including all of the courses required for acceptance into the College of Pharmacy at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. A minimum of three years is recommended for this required course work.

First Year

  • ENG 1463, 1473 Freshman English A & B 
  • BIO 2104 General Botany & Lab 
  • BIO 2114 General Zoology
  • CHM 1014, 1024 University Chemistry I, II
  • MTH 1295 Calculus I
  • GEN 1031 Henderson Seminar
  • Humanities Electives 

Second Year

  • ECO 2013 or 2023 Micro or Macroeconomics or ACC 2013 Principles of Acct. A
  • CHM 3063, 3073 Organic Chemistry I, II 
  • CHM 3051, 3131 Organic Chemistry Laboratory 
  • BIO 3094 Microbiology & lab 
  • PHY 2034 General Physics I 
  • COM 2013 Oral Communications 

Humanities Electives 

Nine hrs or 3 of the following are required:

  • CHM 2084 Quantitative Analysis 
  • MTH 2045 Calculus II 
  • MTH 2323 Statistical Methods 
  • PHY 2044 General Physics II & lab
  • ENG 2133 Logic and Argument
  • BIO 3314 Animal Physiology 
  • BIO 3054 Genetics & lab 
  • BIO 4214 Cell Biology & lab 
  • CHM 4284 Biochemistry & lab 

The courses listed above fulfill the requirements for the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. A total of 69 hours are required. The required humanities electives are to be in the liberal arts (humanities, literature, social sciences, history). Other requirements in mathematics must be met prior to taking Calculus I. Consult with a pre-pharmacy advisor for options and curriculum requirements for other pharmacy schools. The Biology and Chemistry department and the UAMS Pharmacy School recommend at least three years to accomplish the required course work. It is wise to work toward a four year degree as you take these courses to prepare for acceptance into pharmacy school.