Medicine (Pre-Professional)

Most of HSU’s pre-medical students apply to and attend the University Arkansas for Medical Science School of Medicine. The course requirements for application to this school are given below. Other medical schools could have additional or different requirements.

  • 8 hours biology General Zoology and General Botany with labs
  • 16 hours chemistry Univ. Chemistry I & II and Organic Chemistry I & II with labs
  • 8 hours physics Gen. Physics I & II or Univ. Physics I & II with labs
  • 5/6 hours math 2 courses or through Calculus I
  • 6 hours English English A and English B

Strongly recommended courses are in the areas of BIOLOGY: embryology, histology, genetics, cellular and molecular biology. CHEMISTRY: biochemistry. PHYSICS and MATH: statistics and computer science. BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE: sociology, physical or cultural anthropology, human ecology, general and special psychology. HUMANITIES: facility in understanding written and spoken English is fundamental to precise communication.