Law (Pre-Professional)

Future law students should select a major relevant to the specialized interests of their future career. Two classic majors for pre-law students which provide excellent preparation for admission to law school are history and political science. Many pre-law students choose to major in one of these two fields and minor in the other. Students who have a special interest in criminal law may wish to consider minoring in criminal justice. For those who have an interest in tax law or related areas, a major or minor in one of the areas of business or a major in public administration may be appropriate. 

There is no list of prescribed or required courses that all pre-law students must take. The following courses, however, especially provide excellent grounding and preparation for later success in law school:

HIS 1013 World Civilization to 1660
HIS 1023 (or) 1043    World Civilization Since 1660
PHI 3113 Ethics
PSC 1013 American National Government
PSC 1023 State & Local Government
HIS 2053 United States to 1877
HIS 2063 United States Since 1877
PSC 3113 The Legislative Process
PSC 3213 Judicial Process
PSC 4173 Civil Liberties
PSC 4223 The American Presidency
HIS 4283/PSC 4053 American Constitutional Development
HIS 4713/PSC 4073 Social & Political Thought

The pre-law student should contact the pre-law advisor in the Department of Social Sciences, who can provide guidance in the selection of courses and can also provide information about requirements.