Veterinary (Pre-Professional)

Most of HSU’s pre-veterinary students apply to and attend the Louisiana State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine. The course requirements for application to this school are given below. Other veterinary schools could have additional or different requirements.

  • 12 hours biology General Zoology, General Botany and Microbiology with labs
  • 20 hours chemistry Univ. Chemistry I & II, Organic Chemistry I & II, and Biochemistry with labs
  • 6 hours English English A and English B
  • 8 hours physics Gen. Physics I & II or Univ. Physics I & II with labs
  • 6 hours math College algebra or Precalculus, and trigonometry
  • 3 hours speech Oral communications

Additional biology and chemistry electives are recommended for all preprofessional students. The number and names of the elective biology and chemistry courses depend upon the student’s major. Most students who choose one of these professions are either biology or chemistry majors. It would be best for a student to seek advice from the department in which they intend to major.

A student who completes 90 hours of college credit with a minimum of 30 of the last 36 hours in residence at Henderson with at least a 2.00 grade point average and graduates from an accredited professional school in medicine, dentistry, law, veterinary medicine, or osteopathy may be awarded a professional baccalaureate degree.