A minor in philosophy is an ideal companion to majors in the humanities, business, psychology, political science and many other areas. 

The philosophy curriculum is designed to provide students with the opportunities to develop the ability to think logically and critically, to speak and write effectively, to appreciate the complexity and diversity of world cultures, to understand the physical universe, and to participate as concerned, intelligent citizens in the discipline and in the wider world. The professional mission of the department in philosophy is to help students develop the ability to see the interconnectedness of all of the academic disciplines, to problem-solve in creative and interdisciplinary ways, and to acquire the skills to succeed in graduate work in philosophy and other disciplines, as students of law, or professionals in medicine, politics, education and business.


Courses in the Philosophy Program include:

  • Logic 
  • Ethics
  • Mind

Additional courses

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Dr. Steven Todd 
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Box 7673