Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

Teachers College, Henderson State University, is accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).  The Master of Arts in Teaching degree is offered by Teachers College, Henderson. All candidates to the Master of Arts in Teaching Program must be accepted into Henderson's Graduate School prior to acceptance into the MAT program.  Henderson's MAT degree program is a 36-hour degree that consists of four semesters and one summer session emphasizing pedagogy, methodology, classroom management, human growth and development, and needs of exceptional children. It is designed and developed to allow a candidate with a bachelor's degree or higher an alternative route to teacher licensure. It is a field based program and focuses on areas exhibited in the four domains of Danielson's Framework for Teaching. The candidate is employed as a Teacher of Record with a provisional license while completing class work and requirements necessary for a standard Arkansas teaching license.

Additional undergraduate coursework may be required. Middle school (grades 4-8) candidates must have 18 undergraduate hours in each of the two selected areas of concentration: English, math, science, and social studies. Middle school candidates must also complete Arkansas history and two state required reading courses. Secondary candidates (grades 7-12) are required to have at least 30 undergraduate hours in the content area in which employment is desired. If necessary, additional undergraduate coursework may be completed before or during the 2-year MAT program from any university.  To acquire an Arkansas teaching license all candidates are required to pass Praxis I and Praxis II. Information for these tests can be found at or at the HSU testing center.

Every degree participant will be provided a mentor in a strong support network. The mentor will be a public school teacher and is selected by the building principal. 
All candidates who have been hired as a teacher of record will attend an orientation.
Entrance interviews for new MAT program candidates who have been accepted into the graduate school will be held during the orientation. 

Graduate School and Master of Arts in Teaching Admission Requirements 

Portfolio Requirements

A portfolio documenting the completion of course competencies will be required. Participants in the MAT Degree Program will be provided guidelines in portfolio construction, as well as a list of suggested artifacts. This portfolio will be presented and defended as part of the exit interview before program completion. A committee composed of HSU faculty and  public school faculty/administration from partnership schools will review the portfolio with each participant. 


Degree Plan

 MAT Program of Study 

Candidacy Form for Grades 7-12 

(To Be Submitted at the Completion of Nine Hours)

Candidacy Form for Middle School Grades 4-8 

(To Be Submitted at the Completion of Nine Hours)

Mrs. Teresa Holsclaw, MAT Coordinator 


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