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The Department of Instructional Technology supports a wide array of products.  Click on the product name to learn more:

Blackboard Learn 9.1

Blackboard Collaborate

TechSmith Relay


Faculty Training Workshops for Blackboard Learn

Access to Blackboard Learn and other instructional technology products.

Faculty members have access to a wide range of instructional technology products. Access to some products such as Blackboard Learn, Blackboard Collaborate, TechSmith Relay, and TechSmith Studio is granted after a faculty member has attended a faculty development training workshop.

Faculty development training workshops are offered throughout the semester.  The faculty resources workshops page provides a catalog of available workshops.

Teaching and Learning Center.

The TLC is created by faculty for faculty.  The TLC fosters a safe place for faculty to share ideas and learn new techniques to enhance teaching and learning in their classrooms.  The TLC page provides additional information and resources.

Blackboard Learn 9.1 faculty resources:

  • Browser Checker - Is your computer, iPad, or other device supported by Blackboard Learn?  Click the Browser Checker link to find out.
  • Change your Bb Learn Password - Learn how to change your password so that you may keep your instance of Learn secure.
  • General getting started information - General help information about Blackboard Learn.
  • How to Navigate a course - Getting started with general course navigation.
  • Instructional Design Tips for Online Learning - California State University's design tips for online learning in a PDF format.
  • Chico State Online Rubric - California State University's renowned Rubric for Online Instruction in a PDF format.
  • Create Content Areas - Learn how to create course areas to serve as containers for your course material.
  • Creating Content - After you create a course area, such as a content area, learning module, lesson plan, or folder, you create content in it by pointing to its action bar to reveal menus for selecting content items, tests, and links to tools.
  • Discussion Forums - How to create rewarding and robust discussion forums in Blackboard Learn.
  • Grade Center - Step by step instructions on how to use the grade center.
  • Needs Grading Page - If you have a heavy grading load, the Needs Grading page can help you determine what needs attention first and allows you to access it quickly. You can view all items ready for grading or review on the Needs Grading page.
  • Blackboard YouTube Channel - Lots and lots of video goodness to help you get started with Blackboard Learn.

Blackboard Collaborate faculty resources:

TechSmith Relay faculty resources:

  • TechSmith Relay is a lecture capture at its finest and easiest.  Record lectures over Power Point or over any desktop application.  Launch Relay, record, click submit and in a short period of time you get a web link to your recording.  To request an account in Relay, please contact Jacob Mills at millsj@hsu.edu.
  • TechSmith Studio builds on the Relay platform.  Studio is for faculty members who wish to handcraft their video presentations.  Studio provides a wealth of easy to use editing tools.  Mix video, audio, and graphics into a seamless production.  Push the finished recording into Relay.  Post the finished web link in your online course.  For information about Studio, please contact George Finkle at finkleg@hsu.edu.
  • TechSmith Fuse is an APP that you can use on your mobile phone.  Launch Fuse to make on-the-fly classroom recordings.  The sky is the limit.  Fuse will publish through Relay.  Fuse is included in the account training with Relay.

Grammarly faculty resources:

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