Bb Learn to Canvas Migration

During the spring of 2018, Henderson State University will migrate from Blackboard Learn to Instructure Canvas.  Click here for news about the migration.  A timeline for the migration is provided below.   Adjustments to the timeline will be updated as needed.  Additional information such as how to export a course out of Bb Learn will be added soon.  Click here to go to the faculty workshop page.  Canvas workshops have started.

Migration Timeline:

Immediately - New user training for Bb Learn ends. Full support continues for Bb Learn products.

February 12 - Faculty members will have access to experimental sandbox courses and a sample course complete with quizzes. 

February 19 - Face-to-Face training workshops will be made available.  The workshop schedule is posted here.

February 19 - Faculty members are required to review and complete a migration information checklist.

February 19 - Online departmental mentor training starts. See your department chair for more details. 

February 26 - Prior term Bb Learn course exports will be made available to faculty members in Canvas so that they may adjust content. Prior term courses will include spring through fall of 2017 as well as development courses.  Courses that were bulk migrated into Canvas will have MIG: at the front of the course title.   Spring 2018 courses will be exported individually by faculty members. 

  • Watch this video to learn how to create an Export File of your Blackboard Course:  Export Video
  • Watch this video to learn how to import the Export File into your Canvas course:  Import Video

February 26 - Migration workshops will be available.  The workshop scheduled is posted here.

March 6 - Add Canvas login link to webpage.  Release Canvas FAQ Webpage:

March 9 - Copy spring 2018 Blackboard Learn course shells to the Canvas environment.  The course shells will be empty and ready for faculty members to upload export zip files from Blackboard Learn.

March 12 (the week of) - Summer I and II and fall 2018 course shells will be made available to faculty members who have attended the basic orientation workshop and completed the migration information checklist.

May 3 - Canvas Workshop Day.  Instructure-Canvas will be sending their Canvas trainer to Henderson.   A day of specialized workshops will be offered to faculty members.  Cory Chitwood from Instructure-Canvas will delivery best practices in three separate workshops.

May 11 - (Or a date near the end of the semester).  Faculty members should export spring 2018 courses for the purposes of importing those courses into Canvas. Faculty members should also download copies of grade books and any remaining critical student submissions.   Downloading your grade center from Blackboard Learn is performed while in the Work Offline With Grade Data mode.  Click here to go to the Blackboard Help page for specific instructions.

May 14 - The Mini-Term 175S starts.  Some faculty members will be using Blackboard to deliver content.  Some will be using Canvas.

May 14 - Summer faculty development workshop schedule starts.  Visit the workshop page here.

May 14 - Students profiles added to Canvas.  Students who have registered for summer I, summer II, and fall courses will have access to Canvas as well as a sample course.

May 25 - The Mini-Term 175S closes.  Faculty members who used Blackboard to deliver content should immediately export course content and grade book information.

May 30 - Populate Canvas course rosters for Summer I with students.

May 31 - Close all prior term courses in Blackboard (including mini-may 2018 175S).

June 4 - Classes start for summer I. All courses are delivered through Canvas; no courses will be delivered through Bb Learn. 

June 4 - Access to Bb Learn will be limited to faculty access for the purposes of downloading grade books and exporting courses.

July 31 - Access to Bb Learn will stop for everyone.  This includes Instructional Technology.  All Henderson content in Bb Learn will be eliminated and deleted.

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