Innovative Media

Shifting technology has integrated formerly separate information systems such as video games, websites, television, radio, film, newspapers and magazines — not to mention media delivery on cell phones, tablets, tablets, watches and whatever comes next. As the media landscape crosses disciplines, the Innovative Media program provides interdisciplinary coursework in mass media, marketing, and other fields. Students learn to build effective teams, take on real world challenges, develop new UI/UX (that is, improve the user experience), create new media content and products, and thrive in an environment of change. We strive to grow and maintain relationships with media and new media industries to benefit student as they master skills to enter the workforce. Our approach is to foster independent, interdisciplinary teams that will create the next great thing.

With over 50 years of combined experience in media and user experience design, the Innovative Media faculty comprises professional writers, designers, media technologists, and scholars who pursue active professional careers alongside their work in the classroom. This dual role insures a faculty with the skills and knowledge to prepare students for the challenges they face in establishing professional contacts and careers. We provide the expertise students need to build teams and manage innovative projects in an evolving professional environment.

Graduates of this program enter the world equipped with attractive skill sets for a variety of contemporary industries and disciplines. Students gain experience with team-building, collaborative project management, creative design processes, managing social and new media productions, and concept development


  • Innovative Project
  • Interactive Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video Art
  • Online Journalism

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  • Advertising Director
  • Interactive Comics Creator
  • Filmmaker
  • New Media Marketing Specialist
  • Motion Graphics Designer
  • App and Web Designer
  • Online Journalist
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Entrepreneur 

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