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NIH Certification

The Henderson State University Institutional Review Board requires all faculty and students who submit research proposals to be trained and certified in the protection of human subjects provided by the NIH.Visit the NIH site to create an account, complete the tutorial and save your certificate in an electronic format. Certificates are valid for three years. After that time the researcher must repeat the training to renew their certificate. The university will also accept training from other entities (e.g. CITI) as long as it is up to date.

More About NIH Certification

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about NIH certification. There is also information on contacting technical support if you have issues that are not covered by the questions.


Our IRB only accepts electronic submissions of IRB proposals using a service called IRBnet. To submit a project in IRBnet, follow the steps outlined on our Additional Help for Submitting a Study page.

Additional Help For Submitting A Study

There are eight steps in the submission process. These steps are best followed in the order outlined here.


The Office for Human Research Protections in the U.S.. Department of Health and Human Services provides more details about vulnerable populations and how to identify them. This site features information regarding vulnerability and informed consent..