Submitting a Study

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Please note: There are­­ eight steps in this submission process. These steps are best followed in the ordered number. Use this document as your guide for your submission.
In 2010 Henderson State University developed an Institutional Review Board in order to comply with federal regulations regarding research involving human subjects. This document is intended to help you successfully navigate the IRB process at HSU. At any time if you have questions, you may contact the IRB (x5950, ) or Barbara Landrum (x5508, In order to conduct research utilizing human subjects all investigators (students, faculty, staff) must complete training in the protection of human subjects and follow the institutional submission process.
1. Human Subjects Training. The HSU IRB requires training in the protection of human subjects provided by the NIH. Go to: to create an account, complete the tutorial and save your certificate (electronic format). Certificates are valid for three years. After that time the researcher must go through the training again to renew. HSU will also accept training from other entities (e.g. CITI) as long as it is up to date.

2. The HSU IRB only accepts electronic submissions of IRB proposals using a service called IRBnet.  To submit a project (study proposal) in IRBnet go to: and  Create a User Profile.

  • Select “New User Registration” and follow the instructions.
  • Choose “Henderson State University” as your affiliation

  • Scroll down this same page to “Upload” a pdf of your NIH training certificate. “Add New Training  & Credentials Record” is found immediately below “Affiliations.”
    • If you have another account (such as CITI) you may link that account to your IRBnet profile under “Add External Accounts”. 

3. To Submit a Project for Review, you must first Create a Project.

  • Using the menu to the left of the home page select “Create a New Project.”
  • Enter your project title and your name, and your Faculty Advisor’s name in the “Sponsor” blank. Faculty researchers will leave this space blank.
  • You do not need to include keywords or an internal reference number.

Click “Continue.” 

4. Project Application Form – All study applications must be on the HSU Research Study Application Form. It is best to save this form as a Word document (rather than pdf) to facilitate revisions.

  • From the “Designer” page you will see the Henderson State University’s Library of documents. Use the drop down menu to select and download the Application Form.
  • Once the form is completed return to this page and select “Add New Document” to upload the Application Form to your project.
  • You will also use this page to upload other relevant documents including consent forms, survey instruments, audio/video files, etc.

If you need to make any changes to your project you will use this page to include modifications to your project, requests for your project to continue after the expiration date, and the final report form (due at the time of project completion).

5.  Linking training documents – In Step 2 above, you uploaded your Training Credentials to your Profile. Now you must “Link” them to your project.

  • On the “Designer” page you will see the statement “There are no Training & Credentials records linked to this package.”
  • Select “Link/Un Link Training Records” and select the individuals’ whose credentials need to be linked.
    • Note: All investigators and faculty advisors must link (not upload) training records to their projects. Faculty advisors must complete their own linking, students may not link or sign for the faculty advisor.

Once you have attached your training credentials to your User Profile, the IRB must accept your credentials before you are able to link them to your project. As you work on your proposal documents you may return to the “Designer” page at any time to add/edit documents, link credentials, etc. 

6.  Sharing your proposal with Co-investigators and/or Faculty Advisors

  • Select “Share this Project” - “Share”
  • Choose “Henderson State University” – “Select Organization”. This will allow you to search for all individuals at HSU with an account in IRBnet.

Use the search box to locate the remaining study personnel. This will allow your co-investigators/faculty advisors to access the project when they login to IRBnet. 

7.  Adding your electronic signature

  • Select “Sign this Package” and use the drop down menu to select your role in the project (Principal investigator).
  • Faculty Advisors and/or Co-investigators use this same process to sign. Students MAY NOT sign for Faculty Advisors.

Click “Sign.”

8.  Submitting your proposal/project/package

  • Once you have included all the necessary information, supporting documents, and all investigators/faculty advisors have linked their training credentials and signed the project, you can “Submit this Project.”
  • Upon submission IRBnet will send a notification email to the Administrator.