Adjunct Instructors, Fall 2016


The university seeks applications from qualified individuals to serve as adjunct faculty for the courses listed below for the Fall 2016 semester (August 22, 2016 to December 16, 2016). Please note that all adjunct appointments are conditional upon sufficient enrollment. Adjunct faculty members must have a master’s degree with 18 graduate hours in the subject area to be taught. Some positions may require additional graduate hours, public school or university experience, and/or special training/certification. In order to teach graduate courses, adjunct faculty normally must have a minimum of 30 hours above the master's degree. Adjunct faculty normally teach from one to six-hour loads. The rate of pay for a three-hour load or equivalent starts at $1,600.00 for applicants with a master's and $1,850.00 for applicants with a doctorate; applied music rates are hourly. Individuals who have previously served as adjunct faculty at Henderson must provide a letter indicating continued interest in such positions. Other individuals must submit official transcripts, resumé, and contact information for three professional references. The university is accepting applications now. Applications will be considered until all available positions are filled. Adjunct faculty who have not been employed by the university within in the past calendar year will be required to submit to a background screening including a criminal background check pursuant to university policy.


To apply, contact: Dr. John Hardee, HSU Box 7600, 1100 Henderson Street, Arkadelphia, AR 71999-0001. Courses include: Design, Drawing, Sculpture, Public School Art, Intro to Biology lecture and/or labs, Freshman Chemistry labs, Earth Systems and the Environment, Oral Communication, Public Relations, World Civilization to/since 1660, United States to/since 1877, American National Government, English: Freshman Composition; Elementary/ Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Intro to Computers, Low Brass, Trumpet, Strings, String Methods, Oboe, Bassoon, Organ, Voice, Non-Western Music, Language and Diction, Intro to Human Services, North American Indians, General Psychology, and Humanities: Theatre, Music.


Curriculum and Instruction.
To apply, contact Dr. Matthew Sutherlin,
Clinical (P-12 experience required) and content (early childhood education, middle level education, foreign language, mathematics, special education and social studies) supervisors for teacher education interns and Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) candidates. Instructors needed for the following courses: Academic reading; Elementary Math/STEM; Elementary Science/STEM; Elementary social studies, literature, and language arts; special education.

Health and Physical Education.
To apply, contact Dr. Lynn Stanley,
Yoga, Power Yoga, Tae Kwon Do, and Zumba (special skills/certification required).

Family and Consumer Sciences.
To apply, contact Dr. Connie Phelps,
Humanities – Studio Art; Nutrition (RD).

Advanced Instructional Studies (with the following needs):
Educational Leadership. To apply, contact Dr. Bernie Hellums,
Dyslexia Therapy. To apply, contact Dr. Gary Smithey,