No Passing Grades

Federal financial aid regulations require that any student who fails to earn a passing grade in at least one course in the semester shall be considered having "unofficially withdrawn."

At the end of each semester a Return to Title IV calculation will be performed using the midpoint of the semester as the unofficial withdrawal date. Based on these calculations, the school will be required to return any "unearned" federal assistance which will then be charged to the student account. The Director of Student Accounts will mail a letter with the amount owed and a copy of the calculation to the student.

if the student did attend the entire semester, the student must provide the Financial Aid Office with written documentation signed by one instructor verifying the actual last date of attendance.

No passing grades in a semester may result in the loss of state, institutional, and private scholarships as well as federal financial aid, including student loans.

The university offers free tutoring through the First Year Experience Program, Mathematics department, Writing Center, Student Support Services, and the Disability Resource Center. In addition, the Academic Advising Center offers Supplemental Instruction.