Finance and Administration


The offices of Finance and Administration will create and sustain an environment in which student success is our first priority.

Mission and Values

Finance and Administration aims to provide services to students, faculty, staff and surrounding community that have a positive impact on the learning environment and are carried out in an innovative, cost effective and collaborative manner. To carry out this mission we strive to:

  1. Efficiently use resources in pursuit of the mission and priorities of the university
  2. Develop processes through which resources can be allocated to institutional priorities while maintaining the short and long term financial health of the university
  3. Provide cost-effective services that facilitate the work of others in a sustainable, collaborative community
  4. Offer leadership and guidance in decision making with integrity
  5. Continuously review programs and services to ensure that they effectively meet the needs of the university community
  6. Model positive behavior that demonstrates integrity, enthusiasm, ingenuity and collaboration


Dr. Brett Powell
Vice President for Finance and Administration