General Travel Guide

All travel forms, meal and lodging limit link and the roundtrip mileage chart are located at the bottom of the page on myHenderson, Resources(Employee) tab listed under the Business – Finance Information.

Approval for travel is required at least five days prior to travel through a requisition/purchase order and applicable accompanying forms (out-of-state travel, full reimbursement for lodging, etc.) If using a university credit card and expect to have reimbursable expenses, two (2) requisitions are required.

TR-1 (Travel Reimbursement) forms are submitted with necessary receipts after travel is complete; should NOT include expenses paid by university credit card.

Approval for reimbursement (TR-1) must be signed by the appropriate travel supervisor or administrator.

Detailed receipts are required for all expenses except where indicated by guidelines. Credit card charge authorization slips are not sufficient.

Non-reimbursable expenses - personal entertainment, alcoholic beverages, flowers, valet service, laundry service, other similar services.

An employee cannot be reimbursed for someone else’s expenses except when traveling with a student group; see Student Travel section.

Official station – location of your primary office

Funds transferred to Henderson from grant, agency, and foundation accounts are also subject to state expenditure guidelines.

Rather than using personal funds or credit and waiting to be reimbursed, there are two options:

  1. You may charge official travel to the HSU credit account through our business office; contact Ermatine Johnson, 870-230-5125.
  2. For frequent travelers, you may apply for a state-issued travel credit card; contact Jordan Bell, 870-230-5124.

Baggage Fees – the state will reimburse the first checked bag per passenger

Student Travel

Must travel together with a faculty/staff member and be recognized as a cohesive group representing HSU and Arkansas.

Receipts required for all expenses including meals.

List of travelers, itinerary, and contact information for HSU employee responsible for group should be submitted to Ermatine Johnson; required for a purchase order.

Student traveling without faculty/staff and using university funds must be preapproved and sign a waiver provided by the office of general counsel.


Receipt required; any charges other than room and taxes require justification.

When sharing a room with a co-worker, obtain a split receipt for each if filing reimbursement requests (TR-1).

Maximum rate exceptions must be pre-approved on a full reimbursement for lodging form.


Only actual expenses should be claimed not to exceed the maximum allowable.

In proportion to your time in travel status, up to 75% of maximum is allowed on first and last day of travel.

Reduce claim by meals provided by conference. See Meals at Conference information.

Tip, up to 15 percent allowable, applies toward daily maximum.

Receipt not required for individual travel.

Driving on State Business

Prior to travel, a VSP-1 form must be on file with Ermatine Johnson and requisition entered.

Only university employees and graduate assistants are authorized to drive university vehicles.

Rental vehicles – must be 25 years or older; use the state contract vendor, Enterprise; justification required if used only between airport and place of lodging; state contract rate includes liability and comprehensive collision damage

Insurance – for pre-approved travel only; University provides insurance for all HSU owned and leased vehicles as well as excess liability for personal vehicles

Accidents/break downs – instructions are in the travel bag for university vehicles; contact rental company for rental vehicles

Traffic violations must be reported to supervisor no later than the following business day.

Advances for travel expenses

  • Individual travel - 50 percent of anticipated meals
  • Group travel – 90 percent of anticipated expenses that are not direct billed to the university (either by invoice or credit card).

Travel Contacts

Ermatine Johnson:  870-230-5125 
Requests to travel, VSP (authorization to drive on state business), university and rental vehicle scheduling, travel advance, and air travel or lodging via HSU credit account (ghost card)

Jordan Bell:  870-230-5124 
State-issued travel card (T-card)

Carolyn Hatley:  870-230-5107 
Travel Reimbursement (TR-1)

Karen Spradlin:  870-230-5890  
Director of Accounting