Student Accounts

Henderson State University's Student Accounts Office is located on the 3rd floor of Womack Hall.

The Cashier's Windows is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Students must have an ID Card to complete all transactions.

The following may be done at the Cashier's Window:

  • Make payments on Student Accounts
  • Pick up Work Study Checks
  • Pick up Loan Checks
  • Pick up Refund Checks
  • Pay Traffic Fines
  • Pay Library Fines
  • Other Housing Charges
  • Pay Add and Drop fees. You must first complete an Add/Drop form in the Registrar's Office and obtain a printout of your updated schedule. Then bring the printout to the Cashier's Window.

If you have any questions regarding the Cashier's Window, please contact, Mindy Daniels at 870-230-5110 or Karen Herrin at 870-230-5127.

Tuition, Fees, Room and Board are approved each year by Henderson State University's Board of Trustee's and become effective each July 1 but are subject to change at any point thereafter.  Mandatory and other fees are fees that every student has to pay and are included on the fee sheet. Course fees are fees that are related to the specific course the student is enrolled in.

Student Billing Questions

Please call 870-230-5430


All payments can be made at the Business Office by cash, check, or credit card. (VISA, MASTERCARD OR DISCOVER) or by mail, please make your checks payable to HSU, Box 7531, Arkadelphia, AR 71999.

To make a payment by phone, call 870-230-5430, 870-230- 5122, 870-230-5127 or 870-230-5110 and have the credit card number, expiration date, cardholder's name, security code on back of the card, and student identification number ready.

PAY ONLINE:  Go to MyHenderson and login to your account.  Click on the Campus Connect Tab, then find the Account Balance Information Heading, then Click Here to Produce Term Specific Bill or Make Payment, then select term, then display balance.  Scroll to bottom of the screen and then select Pay by Credit Card.


For questions regarding loan check disbursements, contact Paige Morrow and 870-230-5430.  To avoid waiting in line to pick up your loan check, have it direct deposited by filling out a direct deposit form.

Refund Checks

For questions regarding refund checks, contact Paige Morrow at 870-230-5430. To avoid waiting in line to pick up your refund check, have it direct deposited by filling out a direct deposit form.

Perkins Loans

Questions about deferments, forbearance, postponement, cancellation and where to make payments, contact Scott Freeman at 870-230-5113, or Paige Morrow at 870-230-5430. For forms go to University Accounting Service. To apply for a Perkins Loan, contact Pam Shuffield, Loan Officer at 870-230-5136.

How to login to MyHenderson

Rehab, Misc. Billing & Veterans Benefits

Questions regarding Rehab, and miscellaneous billing, contact Donna Hogan at 870-230-5106.


Aviation accounts are for students majoring in Aviation. A separate Aviation account is needed because tickets for fuel, flight time and other charges are posted to this account.The minimum amount to open an Aviation account is $500.00. To open an Aviation account, fill out an application at the cashiers window in the Business Office. Each Wednesday is the cut-off day to make an Aviation withdrawal request. Checks will be ready to pick up on Friday afternoon of that same week. Questions regarding Aviation accounts, including balances, Paige Morrow at 870-230-5430.

Declining Balance

All meal plans come with a declining cash balance in addition to the meal plan.

A DCB card is money added to your id card to be used either at the Reddie Cafe, Chick-fil-a, Starbucks and Reddie Grab "N" Go in Garrison or at the Dining Hall. Each time the card is used for a purchase of food, the balance declines until there is a zero balance. The card may carry over from the Fall semester to the Spring semester only. To add to your DCB or purchase additional Declining Cash Balance, come to the Business Office and talk to Paige Morrow at 870-230-5430 or Scott Freeman at 230-5113. YOU MUST BRING STUDENT  ID. If using scholarship money, purchase must be a minimum of $50.00 maximum $500.00.

Student Employment

Student Payroll Schedule

Student Tax Information

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