Center for Economic Development and Community Engagement

Henderson State University's Center for Economic development and Community Engagement provides training opportunities for businesses, industries, and individuals in Clark County and the surrounding area. These programs improve the quality of life for area citizens and assure a well-trained workforce for further regional economic growth. This mission is accomplished through collaboration with area universities, two-year colleges, specialized training providers and economic development organizations.

The center hosts a wide range of training opportunities from computer skills to welding and Programmable Logic Controller classes. In addition to courses offered at the Community Education Center, customized training classes can be created to fit any new or existing industry need. The training facility, located in downtown Arkadelphia, includes a 24-station computer lab, four classrooms, two additional meeting and conference rooms, and a hands-on industrial maintenance shop.

Computer skills training

Computer skills training programs are available upon request. Some of the most frequently requested training includes Microsoft Word and Excel. Dates and times for classes will be announced. To request a class, please complete and submit this form: Class Interest Form

Intro to Excel (Level I) - 16 students total, eight students per class

First 3.5-hour class:

    1. Getting Started
    2. Editing Your Worksheet
    3. Performing Calculations
    4. Formatting

Second 3.5-hour class:

    1. Working with Multiple Worksheets
    2. Creating and Modifying Charts
    3. Setting Page Display and Printing Options.

Intermediate Excel (Level II) - Eight students total, eight students per class

First three-hour class:

    1. Working with Templates
    2. Sorting and Filtering Data
    3. Importing and Exporting Data

Second three-hour class:

    1. Working with Advanced Formulas
    2. Analyzing Data
    3. Collaborating

Advanced Excel (Level III) - Four to eight students total

First three-hour class:

    1. Customizing Your Workbook
    2. Working with Multiple Data Sources
    3. Collaborating with Others Using Workbooks

Second three-hour class:

    1. Enhancing Your Worksheet Using Charts
    2. Using Graphic Objects to enhance your Worksheets 

Intro to Word (Level I) - Eight students total, eight students per class

First four-hour class:

    1. Creating a Basic Document
    2. Editing a Document
    3. Formatting Text
    4. Formatting Paragraphs

Second four-hour class:

    1. Proofing a Document
    2. Adding Tables
    3. Inserting Graphic Elements
    4. Controlling Page Appearance

 Intermediate Word (Level II) - Eight students total, eight students per class

First four-hour class: 

    1. Managing Lists
    2. Customizing Tables and Charts
    3. Customizing Formatting
    4. Working with Custom Styles
    5. Modifying Pictures

Second four-hour class:

    1. Creating Customized Graphics Elements
    2. Controlling Text Flow
    3. Automating Common Tasks
    4. Automating Document Creation
    5. Performing Mail Merges

Adult Welding Classes

Classic arc welding for the beginning is offered for up to 12, and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. The class offers:

  • Classroom learning of equipment, including eye, torch and general welding safety, plus basic identification of welding electrodes
  • Hands-on welding sessions in the shop
  • Proper set up of oxy fuel cutting torch will also be taught if desired by students

Welding equipment is provided (welding hood, gloves, chipping hammer, hand wire brush, safety glasses, welding jacket). Class is taught by an American Welding Society certified welding inspector (CWI) or certified welding educator (CWE).  A follow-up, six-week MIG Welding class may be offered if there is adequate student interest.


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