Physics Minor

Physics students acquire technology-based problem-solving skills in a traditional liberal arts context. Following graduation, students students find these skills in demand for careers in teaching, technical management, software or hardware engineering and many other technical fields.

A minor in physics requires the following courses:

PHY 2034 General Physics I and PHY 2044 General Physics II 
PHY 2234 University Physics I and PHY 2244 University Physics II

AND any two of the following courses:

  • PHY 2363 Statics
  • PHY 3053 General Astronomy
  • PHY 3083 Mechanics
  • PHY 3103 Modern Physics
  • PHY 3173 Optics
  • PHY 3323 Applied Acoustics
  • PHY 3434 Digital Electronics
  • PHY 3463 Electric Circuits
  • PHY 3473 Computational Physics
  • EGR 2253 Engineering Computer Solutions

Note: PHY 1024 does NOT count toward the physics minor.