HSU Physics Faculty

The faculty in the Department of Engineering and Physics are readily accessible for your questions pertaining to our department and degrees offered.  Each faculty member has distinct areas of research interest.

Dr. Rick McDaniel, Professor of Engineering and Physics and Department Chairman

Office Number: Reynolds 123 B
Phone Number: 870-230-5170
Email Address: mcdanir@hsu.edu

Dr. McDaniel's research has previously been centered on atmospheric physics including ionospheric satellite data analysis and VLF wave whistler wave detection.  Recently, Dr. McDaniel has focused on developing practical engineering projects involving electronics and embedded microprocessor systems.

Dr. Basil Miller, Professor of Engineering and Physics

Office Number: Reynolds 236
Phone Number: 870-230-5317
Email Address: millerb@hsu.edu

Dr. Miller's research includes geophysical investigative techniques to study near surface settings as well as deep Earth structures.  He developed a model of the hot water systems in southwest Arkansas using geophysical investigative techniques.  He has conducted research for NASA, USGC, the Arkansas Earthquake Center, and the National Seismic Association. His research has included detection techniques for minerals on the Moon and Mars, mineral concentration and thermal fluid flow in Arkansas, and seismic study of many locations in Arkansas and Louisiana.

Dr. Shannon Clardy, Associate Professor of Engineering and Physics

Office Number: Reynolds 230
Phone Number: 870-230-5165
Email Address: clardys@hsu.edu

Dr. Clardy's research has previously been centered around deep space astronomy, researching cataclysmic binary systems, black holes, and neutron starts.  Dr. Clardy's current research focuses on aerospace with the design of a small scale scale wind tunnel (approximately 20 ft. long).  The wind tunnel design project has involved over 11 students and is currently in the construction phase.  The wind tunnel will be used to study laminar and turbulent flow for various wing designs and model rocket pieces.

Dr. Dever Norman, Assistant Professor of Engineering and Physics

Office Number: Reynolds 228
Phone Number: 870-230-5173
Email Address: normand@hsu.edu

Dr. Norman's research was previously focused on the interaction between gas plasmas and the fabrication of the semiconductor Gallium Nitride for use in optoelectronic devices.  A new research area Dr. Norman intends to pursue is the interaction of gas plasmas with surfaces for use in applications such as metal hardening, low frictional surfaces, water-repelling surfaces, and atmospheric icing.

Dr. Zahra Zamanipour, Assistant Professor of Engineering and Physics

Office Number: Reynolds 129
Phone Number: 870-230-5680
Email Address:zamaniz@hsu.edu

Dr. Zamanipour has conducted research in multiple areas, including optimization of nanostructured bulk thermoelectric materials for energy harvesting applications, design and implementation of an ultrafast optical system for thermal conductivity measurements of low dimensional materials, and laser-material interactions. Moreover, she has been working on automation of tripping operations in drilling engineering for the oil & gas industry.


Mr. Jim Duke, Instructor of Physics

Office Number: Reynolds 225
Phone Number: 870-230-5006
Email Address: dukej@hsu.edu

Mr. Duke's primary area of expertise is archeoastronomy - the history of astronomy and ancient astronomy.  Mr. Duke is responsible for the maintenance, repair and organization of all equipment in the Department of Engineering and Physics including equipment for all undergraduate labs.