The Henderson Fund

HF Update 2016-11-30


The Henderson Fund is the most popular vehicle through which our supporters give to Henderson State University. We look to our loyal and generous alumni and friends for their support of the Henderson Fund every year in order to have an immediate and meaningful impact that keeps Henderson Reddie.

Impact of the Henderson Fund

Student Support
The Henderson Fund helps keep a Henderson education within reach of all deserving students.

Academic Excellence
The Henderson Fund empowers students and faculty to reach their full potential by providing essential academic resources like top-notch faculty and state of the art technology.

Enhanced Experiences
The unique Reddie student experience is more than just being challenged by academic rigor—it's about transforming passion into purpose. The Henderson Fund supports student participation in campus organizations, professional conferences, and international study tours. 

Greatest Need
Unrestricted, current-use funds serve as a bridge between long-term goals and the immediate, pressing needs of today.

Current and Recent Henderson Fund Projects:

  • Support for twelve chemistry students to present their work at the 2017 American Chemical Society Conference. 
  • Five student leaders will travel to Costa Rica to attend the 26th Annual Global Awareness Society International Conference. 
  • Purchase of a commercial gas grill for use by HSU student groups and Greek Life
  • Travel scholarships for the Non-Western Cultures Class trip to Japan (May 2016)
  • Funding for students to attend the Arkansas Student Leadership Forum
  • Replacement of choral risers in Russell Fine Arts

The heart of the Henderson Fund is alumni participation 

Henderson has a longstanding tradition of philanthropy. It began with the Arkadelphia community donating the money and land necessary to start the university and it was strengthened after the fire of 1914 when the staff, faculty, and students pledged the first $2,000 to rebuild. This tradition continues today. 

You count! An important goal of the Henderson Fund is to increase the alumni rate of participation. The entire Henderson community benefits greatly with each gift, large or small, from one of our alumni. 

  • We are 24,000 alumni strong and we make a larger impact together. During fiscal year 2016, gifts of $250 or less to the Henderson Fund totaled more than $21,000. You do not have to give thousands in order to be a transformative force for Reddie scholars. 
  • Annual participation as a Henderson Fund donor reflects your support of the university's mission and your desire to remain connected to Henderson State. 
  • Publications such as U.S. News and World Report consider alumni giving when determining Henderson State's national college ranking each year. These rankings profoundly influence Henderson's ability to secure grants from foundations and other organizations.

Gifts to The Henderson Fund are solicited annually on the university’s fiscal calendar from July 1 through June 30.
Henderson Fund gift thermometer updated April 13, 2017
For more information about The Henderson Fund, contact:

The Henderson Fund
Office of Development and Alumni
HSU Box 7540
Arkadelphia, AR 71999