Minor in Criminal Justice

The minor in criminal justice requires completion of 18 credit hours consisting of a nine hour core and nine hours of directed electives. 

Faculty in the criminal justice minor program are committed to high quality instruction in criminal justice.

Criminal justice students in the minor program will gain insight and knowledge in theory and major substantive areas in the field. The minor is designed for students wishing to complement their major field of study and enhance their entry into employment.

Core Required Courses (9 hrs)

  • CRJ 2013 - Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
  • CRJ 3133 - Juvenile Delinquency and Offenses
  • CRJ 4093 - Criminological Theory and Behavior

Directed Electives (9 hrs)

  • SOC 2023 - Social Problems
  • SOC 2193 - Racial and Cultural Minorities
  • CRJ 3163 - (WI) Social Movements and Change
  • CRJ 4023 - Criminal Law and Criminal Responsibility
  • CRJ 3513 - Due Process and Criminal Procedure
  • CRJ 3343 - Deviant Behavior
  • CRJ 4503 - Domestic Violence

Total Hours – 18

Students minoring in Criminal Justice should take American National Government as one of their general education social science requirements. Students should have this course before taking core courses or Criminal Procedure.