Computer Science (Minor)

In addition to the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree, the Department also offers a minor in computer science.  The minor is structured to provide the student with a basic foundation of computer programming and supplies exposure to more advanced computing concepts through elective courses.  Students seeking a minor in computer science are encouraged to consult with the academic advisors in the Department to customize the program to satisfy their needs.  Use the following link for a printer friendly version of the minor requirements.

Requirements for a Minor in Computer Science

CSC 1104 Foundations I - 4 hours
CSC 1114 Foundations II - 4 hours
CSC 2203 Data Structures - 3 hours
CSC Jr/Sr Computer Science Elective- 3 hours
CSC Jr/Sr Computer Science Elective- 3 hours
MTH 2283 Discrete Mathematics I - 3 hours