Computer Science

Computer science is the study of just about anything that has to do with computer technology. It spans the range from theory through programming to the latest developments in computing solutions.

The work of a computer scientist typically falls into three categories:

  • designing and implementing software
  • developing effective ways to solve computing problems
  • devising new ways of using computers and computing technology

Not only has computer science become a core discipline, it is one that continues to grow. This broad nature of the discipline has led to an extensive application to virtually every other field conceivable. Fortunately for the computer scientist, this opens many doorways for potential career paths.

Our computer science program is based upon guidelines as specified in the latest report by The Joint Task Force on Computing Curricula of the IEEE Computer Society and The Association for Computing Machinery. The department regularly reviews and adapts the program to ensure that it not only continues to satisfy these guidelines, but also meet the needs of the students and the organizations of which they will be part. Prospective and current students are encouraged to consult faculty advisors, the program's degree plan and course prerequisites when determining their program of study.  

Successful computer science graduates find themselves faced with a variety of career paths. These include application/system programmers, systems analysts, software engineers, database administrators, and network administrators.

If you believe that you would enjoy the challenges of a growing, dynamic and exciting field, a degree in computer science might be in your future. The Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science at Henderson State University can help you achieve this. Come be part of IT!



Courses include:

  • Assembler Language
  • Data Structures
  • Algorithm Analysis
  • Technology and Society

Other courses


  • Programmer
  • Systems analyst
  • Software engineer
  • Database administrator
  • Network administrator

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