Sophomore Career Development Plan

During sophomore year, make connections, grow your network, and continue to lay the framework for your continued career development. If you are just getting started, refer to the freshman timeline for additional guidance. Schedule an appointment with Career Development for additional advising and coaching. 


  1. Still not sure of your major?  Participate in Career Exploration activities and schedule an appointment with Career Development professionals.
  2. Get to know your faculty. They can guide you in your career and provide references for jobs or graduate school. 
  3. Look into Undergraduate Research opportunities.
  4. Confirm your Major
  5. Consider adding a Minor, certificate, or endorsement to your academic plan. 
  6. Develop your academic plan with your academic and faculty advisors according to degree requirements. 
  7. Maintain a solid GPA. 
  8. If interested, participate in Undergraduate Research opportunities.


  1. Identify how you will obtain experience in your area of interest – internships, part-time and summer jobs.  Many internship applications are due a year in advance. Schedule an appointment with Career Development if you need assistance identifying these opportunities. 
  2. Update your Resume with new information. Think in terms of achievements instead of duties. 
  3. Talk to professionals in your career field at Career Fairs and Informational Sessions
  4. Make sure your social media accounts represent you in a positive way.  Begin establishing your personal brand.
  5. Consider creating an online portfolio
  6. Practice interviewing
  7. Start building your professional wardrobe. 

Personal & Social:

  1. Take time to reflect about what you did last year and what you accomplished. Conduct a SWOT analysis. 
  2. Review and reaffirm your values, interests, skills, and abilities
  3. Join a Student Organization and participate in Student Activities. Begin taking on leadership roles. 
  4. Participate in Service Learning and Volunteer Opportunities
  5. Consider Studying Abroad