First Year Career Development Plan


This is a year for you to explore who you are and discover your interests, abilities, values, and personality preferences. Discover the connection between career development, major declarations, internships, and other activities. 

Use the following plan to help you map out your career development plan for the first year:


  1. Meet With Faculty and Professional Advisors to Explore Academic Disciplines
  2. Schedule an appointment with the staff in the Center for Career Development to assess your interests, abilities, values, and personality type. Get a jump start by completing Self Assessments like "Do What You Are."
  3. Talk with faculty and actively participate in class. 
  4. Develop study and time management skills 
  5. Maintain a solid GPA


  1. View the What Can I do with This Major? and Career Exploration links to learn about careers.
  2. Visit the Career Development Center in Garrison 215 to view more resources.
  3. Participate in the Career Fair in the spring to begin networking. 
  4. Attend career-related Workshops and Events

    Research Internships and prepare to apply up to two semesters in advance (depending on the position)
  6. Evaluate how your social media accounts represent you and Cleanthem up. You are forming impressions for potential employers who are watching.
  7. Consider taking a summer or part-time job to acquire work experience.  

  8. Remember that your instructors are potential references for you. Don't show up to class late or in pajamas. Pay attention to your on-campus image.

Personal & Social:

  1. Get involved on campus by joining groups Student Organizations and activities.

  2. Participate in Service Learning and Volunteer opportunities. 
  3. Participate in sporting, music, theater, and other programs on campus.