Engineering Job Postings

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Below are professional associations that have career resources and often their own job boards:

Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology:  Responsible for accrediting engineering degree programs, this organization works to ensure the quality of engineering education.  They also work to facilitate innovation in engineering through consulting with educational institutions and communicating with the public.  The ABET's work in promoting only the finest engineering programs helps engineers narrow the choice among accredited schools.

American Society for Engineering Education:  This non-profit organization focuses on regulating and providing education for engineers through the promotion of research, practice, and instruction. 

National Society of Professional Engineers:  This organization advocates for the needs of the professional engineering community and attracts professionals with a high degree of integrity.  The NSPE promotes innovation, professional growth, teamwork, and professional licensure for its members. 

American Society of Civil Engineers:  The oldest engineering organization in the United States supports civil engineers in their profession while also serving the public. The ACSE strongly supports professionalism in civil engineers and advancement of technologies that support civil engineering. 

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics:  Devoted to aerospace engineering, this professional organization has a worldwide membership that influences standard policies and public laws regarding aerospace engineering. The standards they set ensure that the greatest ideas can always become reality. 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers:  With shrewd attention to standards and regulations, this professional organization sets the codes and standards for mechanical devices to ensure quality and safety.  The ASE stresses the importance of change while also embracing the long history of mechanical engineering. It also promotes education and innovation in the industry. 

Institute of Industrial Engineers:  This nonprofit association is the world's largest society dedicated to the development of industrial engineering.  Focused on the design, improvement, and installation of systems of people and processes, its mission is to help advance the field of industrial engineering through networking and sharing knowledge. 

Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers:  This nonprofit organization advocates for innovation, both in theory and practice, in electrical engineering and other disciplines. A primary focus of the organization is providing professional development and continued learning for engineers.