Majors and Career Planning

Do you really know what you want to do?  Does it fit your personality?  These are questions to keep in mind when choosing a career.  The Center for Career Development can offer assistance to help you choose a major. 


Self Assessments 

Do What You Are

The “Do What You Are” Personality Assessment asks you a wide variety of questions on what you enjoy, how you make decisions, how you perceive the world, and how you interact with people. You will gain information to help you match yourself with working conditions and environments. Once completed, contact the Center for Career Development at (870)230-5442 to make an appointment to discuss the results.

Internship Predictor

This free tool helps you evaluate your personal preferences to guide you in pursuing the right academic majors, internship opportunities, and careers.  Results include your career interests, profiles of careers that match your interests, your strengths, and the best work environment for you. 

Human Metrics

This free assessment will give you a description of your personality type and how it relates to careers and academic majors. There are 72 questions that take between 20 -40 minutes to answer. 

Type Profiles

This website gives an in-depth discussion of the 16 personality types identified in the Human Metrics or "Do What You Are" assessments. 

Carolyn Kalil's Personality Assessment 

A personality system that is modeled as a graphical presentation of both Keirsey's Temperament and the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator. The assessment asks you to choose one of two ways to finish 36 statements. The results can help you define your skills and talents and possibly direct you to various career paths. 


Pronounced "so can you."  Discover your unique character, interests, and abilities to understand your compatibility with a recommended career.  

Career Test for the Soul

This website contains the following assessments:  Life Values, Life Stages, and Longer Term Values. Understanding your "inner voice" can help you know which careers and academic majors you will be most fulfilled with. 

College Major Quiz

This quiz is designed to help you think about how your personality traits may fit well within different areas of study. 

Career Clusters Survey

Hosted by Madison College, this 15-minute survey  helps you identify which career areas (called clusters) might be the best fit for you. Based on activities you enjoy, your personal qualities, and school subjects you like, the survey ranks which career clusters you might find most fulfilling.

Exploring Interests Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help you reflect on what motivates you and use it toward helping choose a major. 

Interest Checklist

Use this worksheet to learn more about your interests.  Will your chosen major and career path allow you to pursue these?

Values Checklist

This worksheet will help you understand what you value so you can compare that with a career path. 

Career Planning Worksheet

A worksheet to help you organize what you have learned about yourself and potential careers. 


What Can I Do With This Major?

What Can I Do With This Major? Find a wealth of career information such as related skills, related career titles, professional associations, and more for each of Henderson's majors.

HSU Majors: a list of degrees you may obtain through Henderson State University.

Quintessential Careers' "What Can I Do With This Major?" Explore your career choices in this section of Quintessential Careers, which provides you with real job titles and careers that correspond with specific college majors.

SkilledUp U's "Test Drive a College Major":  this series uses MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) from top universities like MIT, Duke, and many more to give you access to courses in different majors.  They are free and allow you to see if you might like a particular major. They are also fun to take for the joy of learning!

Career Exploration and Salary Information

CareerOneStop: This website is part of the US Department of Labor's extensive suite of information. It provides occupation information, videos, web-based tools, and a career resource library.

CareerOneStop Videos: These videos sponsored by the Department of Labor give a glimpse into career clusters.

Career Profiles: A career and job search database that also lets you explore career descriptions and salaries. 

Inside Jobs: Discover a career that you did not know about.

Career Explorer: This site provides career descriptions, advice, videos, and tutorials. 

Discover Arkansas: Arkansas labor market information including high-demand jobs per region, salary information, and other career information. 

O*Net: Get detailed information on a number of careers and the steps to take to get there.  Includes salary, job outlook, and skills needed. 

Occupational Outlook Handbook: Published by the US Department of Labor, this provides comprehensive descriptions of most occupations including income, duties, job outlook, and required training and education. A free, job-related question-and-answer site.  On this site, you can electronically ask professionals working in a variety of fields. 

American Job Center: Veterans Job Bank that provides a central resource to access jobs specifically for veterans.  Enter Keywords or your MOS/MOC.  Also has job information for other job seekers including youth. A veteran employment center powered by Monster. Information for job-seekers with a disability.

Job Accommodation Network: A website dedicates to assisting people with disabilities. It contains over 300 disability-specific publications and resources.


Four Year Career Development Plan

(coming soon)

Employment and Job Search

See the Employment and Job Search page for a list of job boards and professional associations for a variety of job fields. Also find links to classified job announcements and other employment websites. Be on the lookout for internships or fellowships. 

Virtual Resources

The Virtual Resources page will help you find videos and interactive tools to help you prepare a cover letter, resume, or portfolio; practice for an interview; and create your personal brand. 

Resume and Interview Preparation

The Resume and Interview Preparation page contains resume and cover letter templates, resume and cover letter samples, practice interview questions, illegal interview questions, and much more. 


Events are a great way to network. The Center for Career Development hosts several events such as Career Fairs, Explore Majors Fairs, Information Sessions with employers, and On-campus Interviews. 

Graduate School Planning

The Graduate School Planning page contains useful resources to help you plan for graduate school.