"Do What You Are" Personality Assessment

  1. Take the Assessment first. Choose the best answer among the pairs of words. Calculate the highest score in each category to determine the four-letter type. 
  2. Choose the appropriate Type below (If you’re having trouble choosing between several types, read the information on temperament first to help narrow your options down to one or two types).

NOTE: The "Do What You Are Assessment is based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. MBTI is about preferences, not about concrete, specific types of personality. The MBTI does not measure skill, ability, intelligence, or psychopathology. People have preferences for the various types, but they have ability in all the types. There are not "good" or "bad" types. Type simply helps you understand the following:

  • Where you focus your attention and energy?
  • How you acquire or gather information?
  • How you make decisions or judgments?
  • How you relate to the outer world?

The Four Temperaments (Based on the second and fourth letters from the assessment)

More on Temperament

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