Headquarters:  New York, NY

Main Website:

Internship Website:

Description:  Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries wok in four key business areas – audit, financial advisory, tax, and consulting – with the ability to combine elements of those groups to address clients’ needs.

Recruiting Season:  The main recruiting seasons are the fall timeframe (August - November) and the spring timeframe (January - April).

Application Deadline:  Application deadlines vary by location and business.

Internship Title(s):  Discovery Internship, Client Services Internship, Internal Services Internship. Alternative Spring Break, Leadership Conferences, and Competitions available

On-Campus Recruiting:  No. Apply at

Internship Locations: National (none in Arkansas)

Pay and Duration: Paid. 6 to 12 weeks

Housing: Unknown

Eligibility:  All levels of college.  Primarily recruit sophomores and juniors for the Summer Scholar undergraduate internship program and advanced degree students for the Summer Associate program


  • Computer engineering, finance, economics, actuarial, risk management, statistics/mathematics, operations, supply chain, healthcare administration, business administration, and organizational behavior majors among others.
  • Past work experience is preferred but not required.
  • GPA can vary by position, but generally a 3.4 cumulative or above is required for an internship.
  • Demonstrated leadership, ability to work on a team, and strong analytical and communication skills.