Besides providing emergency and safety services, the University Police Department serves as a resource for information on emergency procedures, theft and crime prevention, and campus crime statistics.

The Emergency Medical Response for Henderson State University is Baptist Medical Center of Arkadelphia.

Operation Identification

This service is offered to assist in the positive identification and/or recovery of lost or stolen items. The department will engrave driver’s license numbers on valuable items to assist in the recovery of such items.

Crime Prevention Programming

Members of the department conduct presentations for various groups in order to serve and educate the community on themselves from being victimized. Call 230-5098 to have an officer speak to your group.

Lost and Found

HSUPD serves as the University’s central depository for recovered items in order to safeguard them while assisting in their return to the rightful owner. Found property can be turned into UPD 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Inquiries concerning lost property should be directed to 230-5098 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Property not claimed within 30 days is donated to charity or destroyed.

Motorist Assistance 

Jump-starts and vehicle unlocks are performed by the department to assist members of the Henderson State University community.

Direct Tip Line (230-5098)

HSU’s Crime Tips Line is designed to give community members the opportunity to communicate directly with the Chief of University Police, Johnny Campbell. This gives people who have information a way to report information with a promise of strict confidentiality.

Coordinator of Victim Services and Educational Initiatives

The Coordinator of Victim Services and Educational Initiatives assists victims/survivors of crimes in obtaining the services they need to better understand and work through the cycle of victimization. The CoVS and University Counseling Center provides information and resources to members of the University community.

Emergency Preparedness and Response

All members of the HSU Community are required to notify the HSU Police Department (HSUPD) of any situation or incident on campus that involves a significant emergency or dangerous situation that may involve an immediate or on-going threat to the health and safety of students and/or employees on campus. HSUPD also has the responsibility of responding to, and summoning the necessary resources, to mitigate, investigate, and document any situation that may cause a significant emergency or dangerous situation.

Campus Advisory/Alerts

We can share urgent news - including weather alerts and closings -  with our community in several ways:

  • Email
  • Text messaging
  • Mobile app
  • Outdoor warning notification system
  • Alarm boxes
  • Desktop notifications
  • Website

We are always working to improve the ways our campus can report emergencies and how we can tell our colleagues about emergency situations and closings.

General Emergency Preparedness

Make sure to familiarize yourself with

  • Your office or workspace;
  • The location of the closest emergency equipment (fire extinguishers, AEDs, first aid kits, etc.);
  • Two emergency exit routes out of the building
  • Your department's Contingency and Continuity of Operations plans;
  • General emergency preparedness tips; and
  • Information on what "shelter-in-place" means

Suspicious Packages/Bomb Threats

Be alert to receiving suspicious packages or letters. Once you determine a package is suspicious, do not touch the package. Evacuate yourself and other personnel from the office/area. Use a telephone (not cellular) in another area to report it to HSU Police Department. If you receive a bomb threat obtain as much specific information about the location of the bomb or package, and call HSU Police Department to report the threat. The HSU Police Department will respond and may partner with APD, if deemed necessary, to determine the validity of the threat and whether it is necessary to evacuate the building or area.

Fire Safety

If a member of the HSU Community finds evidence of a fire occurred and has been extinguished, and the person is not sure whether the incident caused a fire alarm that would have initiated a response by HSUPD, the community member should immediately notify HSUPD. HSUPD is responsible for filing a report and gathering statistics.

Missing Students

If a member of the University community has reason to believe that a student who resides in on-campus housing is missing, he or she should immediately notify HSUPD. HSUPD will generate a missing person report and initiate an investigation, and if the person is determined to be missing, will initiate the required notifications as per Federal Law.