Criminal Investigations

Our Criminal investigator and police officers conduct follow-up criminal investigations to identify and apprehend perpetrators not apprehended at the time of an initial crime report, analyze crimes deemed solvable for planning of investigative resources, gather and maintain evidence, prepare cases for court, provide liaison to local and county prosecutors, obtain arrest and search warrants, and refer appropriate cases through the
university judicial process.

Crime Prevention

Police officers and support staff provide an emphasis within the University community on proactive rather than reactive means to prevent crime through the delivery of a variety of crime prevention and awareness programs and resources.

Traffic and Parking Enforcement and Control

The police department provides for the control and enforcement of the University street and parking system. Police officers, part-time parking officers, administrative coordinator, and student workers provide for the sales and financial reconciliation of parking permits, enforce traffic and parking laws and regulations, assist stranded motorists, reserve and regulate parking spaces, and develop and distribute an annual traffic and parking regulations handbook.

Special Event Security

Police officers and security officers provide for effective crowd and traffic control, deter acts of violence or disobedience, and maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for large scale university events including football, basketball, and other athletic contests, dances and social gatherings, conferences and camps, and other special events held on University property.

Career Development and Specialized Training

The police department ensures that its officers and staff are able to meet current and long-range goals and objectives by maintaining the level of skill, knowledge, and abilities necessary to discharge their public safety duties professionally and sensitively within a diverse academic community through the delivery of basic, in-service and specialized training opportunities.