Biology Minor

Required Courses

     BIO   2104          General Botany (4 hours)
     BIO   2114          General Zoology (4 hours)

In addition to the two courses above, students choose any three of the following courses to complete a minor in Biology:

     BIO   3054          Genetics (4 hours)
     BIO   3544,3554   Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II (8 hours) **Both must be taken to fulfill one elective slot.**
     BIO   3084          Comparative Anatomy and Evolution of Vertebrates (4 hours)
     BIO   3244          Comparative Morphology and Evolution of Plants (4 hours)
     BIO   3094          Microbiology (4 hours)
     BIO   3524          General Ecology (4 hours)
     BIO   4214          Cell Biology (4 hours)

Total minimum hours required for a minor in Biology: 20 hours