October 2014 Minutes

Henderson State University Assessment Team
Meeting Minutes
Wilson Room, Garrison Center, 4:00 p.m.
October 13, 2014 

Present: Angela Boswell; Nathan Campbell; Deb Coventry, co-chair; Daniel Fitzroy; Bernie Hellums; Lenette Jones; Beth Ann Maxfield; Lloyd Moyo; Ginger Otwell; Paige Reagan; Brett Serviss, co-chair; Drew Smith; Sheryl Strother; Wrenette Tedder; Bob Yehl
Absent: Stephen Adkison; Claire Howard; Celya Taylor; Tammi Wardlaw; David Warren
Next Meeting: November 10, 2014
The meeting was called to order at 4:01 p.m. by Brett Serviss, Co-Chair.
The Minutes from the September 22, 2014 meeting were approved as distributed.
  1. HLC Report Deadline - Wrenette Tedder, Director of Assessment, updated the Assessment Team regarding the various Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Reports that will come due beginning in 2015. Both the Progress Report and the Assurance Argument will be due on October 12, 2015.  An Assurance Argument Team is currently being put together, and this team will have a similar structure as the one that guided the development of the 2012 HLC Self-Study Report with a steering committee and sub-committees for each criterion.  Because the criteria are slightly different, Jeff Rosen from the HLC will visit the campus for two days in December to conduct explanatory workshops and presentations. 
  1. Assessment Training Sessions – In the coming weeks there will be eight training sessions on using and entering data into TracDat.  There will be both formal training times and open labs where faculty and administrators can come and receive help entering their assessment information.  Training dates and times will be sent out shortly. 
  1. AAACL Fall Workshop – The Arkansas Association for the Assessment of Collegiate Learning (AAACL) will be holding their 2014 Fall Workshop on November 4, 2014 at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas.  The keynote speaker, Dr. Linda Suskie, will be giving a presentation that focuses on effectively analyzing and using assessment data that has been collected. 
  1. Biographies for New Team Members and Assessment Team Website Update – Co-Chair Serviss asked the new members of the Assessment Team to visit the Assessment Team website to become familiar with the information there.  He also asked new members to email him their Member Biographies, which will be added to the site.  Recent updates have not been made to the site, because the university is migrating to a new website and editing pages has been temporarily suspended.
Revised Rubric for the Evaluation of Assessment Plans – Wrenette Tedder discussed at length the revised rubric that the Assessment Team members will use to evaluate departments’ Assessment Plans.  The Assessment Team members were lead through a sample Assessment Plan and corresponding reports and were shown how to use the new rubric to evaluate the plan.  It was reiterated that the purpose of assessment is not to grade a department but rather assessment should be used to critically analyze an academic or administrative program in order to identify program areas that need improvement.  The next step would then be to implement plans and changes that address the needed improvements.
Testing and Evaluation of the Revised Assessment Rubric – In order to test and evaluate the revised rubric, the Assessment Team members were provided with the same two Assessment Plans and Reports.  All Team members will use the revised rubric to evaluate these two Assessment Plans.  When the Assessment Team reconvenes at the next scheduled meeting, the rubric will be discussed and evaluated.
The meeting adjourned at 5:01 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Daniel Fitzroy, Secretary