December 7 2015 Minutes

Henderson State University Assessment Team
Meeting Minutes
December 7, 2015

Present:      Wrenette Tedder, Ginger Otwell, Brett Serviss, Debra Coventry, Angela Boswell, Sheryl Strother, Beth Maxfield, Lloyd Moyo, January Schultz, Celya Taylor, Nathan Campbell 

Absent:       Steve Adkison, Claire Howard, Bernie Hellums, Drew Smith, Judy Jenkins, Lenette Jones, Renae Clark

Dr. Brett Serviss called the meeting to order at 4:07 p.m.  The November minutes were approved as distributed.  

When revising the evaluation rubrics, Dr. Debra Coventry and Dr. Serviss determined that some portions of the administrative rubric did not work well for evaluation of the administrative plans.  Discussion over possible revisions to the rubric will be tabled until the Team begins meeting in the spring term.  

Old Business
Discussion was held regarding the yearly meeting cycle of the Assessment Team — academic year versus calendar year (currently the cycle of the Assessment Team is on the calendar year).  Dr. Adkison supports a change to an academic year cycle.  It was noted that nearly all other university committees coincide their cycles with the academic year.  Team members voted unanimously to change to an academic year cycle for the Assessment Team.  As a result of this change, Assessment Team members whose terms ended in December 2015 will continue to serve through May 2016. 

The Team agreed to bring new members onboard one semester early, so that they can have a mentor to help them acclimate to the Assessment Team before their term begins (attendance of new members will commence one semester prior to official function on the Team).  Dr. Adkison approved the overlap in Team members.  Dr. Serviss will continue as co-chair in spring 2016; however, Dr. Coventry indicated that she will be stepping down from her position as co-chair.  

Dr. Serviss distributed a draft of the guidelines for membership and service on the Assessment Team for review and comment, and reiterated that once approved by the Team, the guidelines will be submitted to the Shared Governance Committee for approval and subsequent incorporation into the Committee Handbook.  Multiple amendments to the draft were proposed; discussion ensued.  The amended guidelines were unanimously approved.  Dr. Serviss will make the required changes and send the amended guidelines out to the Team for review (see addendum I for amended guidelines). 

Ms. Wrenette Tedder provided an update on the assessment awards.  Not all of the Team members had yet completed the plan evaluations; hence, a clear winner could not be named.  The deadline to complete the evaluations was extended one week.  Once the academic and administrative winners are named, the Team needs to find a way to make the plans more noticeable on the website.  One example mentioned was having posters on the exemplary plans displayed during the fall faculty meeting.  The Team also must be able to articulate why a particular department received an assessment award. 

The meeting adjourned at approximately 5:00 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Ginger Otwell 

Addendum I: Guidelines for Assessment Team Membership and Selection Process. 

Assessment Team Membership and Selection Process:

The Director of Assessment and Assessment Team Chair/Co-Chairs will recommend replacement members for the Assessment Team and present them to the Assessment Team for approval.  Once approved by the Assessment Team, the recommendations will then be forwarded to the appropriate dean or vice president for review.  Subsequent to review by the dean or vice president, the recommendations will be forwarded to the Shared Governance Committee.

Assessment Team membership will consist of one faculty member with expertise and/or interest in student learning assessment from each of the following areas:

            Ellis College of Arts and Sciences:
                        - Math, Science, and Nursing
                        - Liberal Arts
                        - Fine Arts
                        - At-large representative
            School of Business
            Teachers College, Henderson
The Assessment Team membership will also consist of an administrative member with expertise and/or interest in program assessment from each of the following areas:

Administrative (Non-academic):
            Academic Affairs
            Finance and Administration
            Student and External Affairs
            University Advancement

The Associate Deans from Ellis College of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, and Teachers College, Henderson, and the chair of the General Education Committee, are also members of the Assessment Team.

The Team will have one undergraduate student and one graduate student representative.

The Provost/VPAA, Director of Assessment, and Research Associate will serve as an Ex Officio members of the Assessment Team.

All Assessment Team members will serve as liaisons between the Assessment Team and the area(s) they represent.