April 25, 2016 Minutes

Henderson State University Assessment Team
Meeting Minutes
April 25, 2016


Present:      Brett Serviss, Ginger Otwell, Debra Coventry, Angela Boswell, Bernie Hellums, Sheryl Strother, Beth Maxfield, Lloyd Moyo, January Schultz, Lenette Jones 

Absent:       Steve Adkison, Wrenette Tedder, Claire Howard, Drew Smith, Judy Jenkins, Renee Clark, Celya Taylor, Nathan Campbell

Dr. Brett Serviss called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.  Minutes from the December 7th meeting were read and approved. 

Dr. Serviss and Ms. Wrenette Tedder are currently taking the comments and feedback notes on the assessment plans and working on the plans that are ranked with a 1 or 2.  They are creating a template of each plan and rewording some sections to make the plan into a more workable product.  Dr. Serviss and Ms. Tedder are contacting the different departments to discuss the possible changes in order to jumpstart these programs.  They have received positive feedback on this process. 

Dr. Angela Boswell asked when the departments with plans that ranked 2½ or higher would be contacted by the Team.  Dr. Boswell has had several departments contact her to find out why they had not heard anything regarding their plans and if their plans were okay.  Dr. Serviss stated that he and Ms. Tedder would work on getting in contact with these departments. 

Dr. Serviss was asked when the Team would be evaluating plans again.  The discussion was put on hold and would be continued at a future meeting. 

Old Business
The Assessment Team meeting and membership cycle has changed to an academic year rotation, which means that some current Team members will be rotating off in May.  Dr. Serviss asked Team members to e-mail him if they would like to stay on the Team.  Dr. Serviss also mentioned that the Assessment Team is a standing committee of the university, so the selection process for new members will start soon.  Dr. Serviss mentioned that the Assessment Team membership and selection document has been revised to include language to address the new position of Faculty Assessment Coordinator (FAC).  This position works under the Director of Assessment to help bring the academic programs up to date in the assessment process.  The FAC and the Director of Assessment will co-chair the Assessment Team.  This position has a five-year term that is renewable, and has a stipend included.  Dr. Serviss asked the Team to review and provide feedback on the updated Team membership and selection document.  Once the document is finalized and approved by the Team, it will be submitted to the Shared Governance Committee for review and incorporation into the Committee Handbook. 

New Business
Dr. Serviss presented the proposed four-year assessment cycle.  He mentioned that the current one-year assessment cycle is not working well so the process needed to be changed.  He requested feedback on the new four-year cycle document.  Much discussion ensued regarding specific wording of the document text and the timing/implementation of different aspects of the process and cycle.  Team members asked that campus-wide communication and related training be held during the fall 2016 term and that implementation of the new four-year assessment cycle commence with the beginning of the spring (2017) term.  This would give the different departments time to learn the new process and create better assessment plans.  Dr. Serviss made note of the changes that the Team suggested and stated that he would make the changes and resend the revised document out to the Team for further review. 

The meeting adjourned at 4:54 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Ginger Otwell