2009 Minutes

January 21

Henderson State University Assessment Team 
Meeting Minutes 
January 21, 2009

Present: Wrenette Tedder, Ginger Otwell, Phillip Schroeder, Lecia Franklin, Pam Ligon, Karen Spradlin, and Nathan Campbell 

Absent: Megan Harness, Bob Yehl, Bernie Hellums, Jane Dunn, SGA Representative 

Guest: Dr. Vernon Miles, Provost 

Next Meeting: TBA 

Dr. Bernie Hellums has joined the Assessment Team in place of Dr. Patricia Weaver. She was absent from this meeting; however, we look forward to seeing her at the next meeting. 

Wrenette Tedder stated that she has not been given the name of the new Assessment Team representative for the President’s area. She has recommended that Dr. David Thigpen be named the replacement person. 

The upcoming assessment newsletter will have articles written by Dr. Miles, Mr. Jimmie Harper, Dr. Jane Dunn, The Assessment Chair and the Director of Assessment. The deadline to send in articles in February 13th with the newsletter being ready to send out at the end of February. A suggestion was made to include definitions in the newsletter for both academic and non-academic areas. Future newsletters will spotlight an academic and a non-academic program. Workshop dates and times may also be listed in the newsletter. It will be sent out electronically and people will be given the option of an electronic copy or paper copy for the future. 

All of the programs have been reviewed and a designation of 1-4 has been given them regarding their completeness. Wrenette Tedder has asked that each Team member look at the mission statements of the assessment plans and, using a designated rubric, score the completeness of the mission statement for each one. Once the rubrics are completed and returned to Ms. Tedder she will work on the list of departments that must attend the upcoming workshops. 

There will be workshops, beginning in February and throughout the spring semester that some departments will be required to attend. All coordinators for the programs will be invited to attend the workshops. The workshops will be in four parts and each part will last approximately 1 ½ weeks at 3-4 different times during the week to allow all coordinators ample time to attend. The workshops are as follows: 
     1. Development and implementation of a mission statement 
     2. Development and implementation of objectives or student outcomes 
     3. Development of measurement tools 
     4. What to do with the data once it is collected 

The workshops will be hands-on so that when the coordinator(s) leave they will have most of their work completed. 

The team needs to have a working assessment process in place by fall 2009 to assess the 2009-2010 plans. The news plans must be completed by September and the Team will assess each plan and offer feedback to the departments by mid-November. 

Dr. Miles stated that he received a letter from the Higher Learning Commission stating their next visit will be either fall 2011 or spring 2012. We should have 2 years of good data when they visit if we implement the assessment process by fall 2009. 

Dr. Miles also stated that the HLC will be looked to see if our assessment institution-wide planning initiatives have become more aligned. In mid-February he will be releasing the names of the HLC Self-Study co-chairs and the names of the five self-study sub-committee chairs at the end of spring (along with all subcommittee members). He also hopes to have the overall steering committee named before the end of spring semester. The Assessment Team Chair and the Director of Assessment will be serving on the overall steering committee, which will be 15-18 people. 

Dr. Schroeder asked for volunteers from the Team to help work on user-friendly versions of the assessment handbook for both academic and non-academic programs. The user-friendly versions will be written is layman’s terms to make it easier to understand. Pam Ligon volunteered and Bob Yehl was nominated to help Dr. Schroeder with these versions. 

Goals set by the Team include: 
     1. Have all 87 assessment units completely assessed by the end of the year. 
     2. Find more ways to communicate with faculty, staff and students regarding the importance of assessment. 

The meeting was adjourned at 4:39 p.m. 

March 11

Henderson State University Assessment Team 
Meeting Minutes 
March 11, 2009 

Present: Wrenette Tedder, Ginger Otwell, Phillip Schroeder, Lecia Franklin, Pam Ligon, Karen Spradlin, Nathan Campbell, Bob Yehl, and David Thigpen 

Absent: Megan Harness, Bernie Hellums, Jeff Bailey 

Next Meeting: April 8, 2009, 3:00 p.m., Wilson Room 

Dr. Jane Dunn has resigned from the Assessment Team due to personal reasons. A new team member will be assigned by Dean Maralyn Sommer to represent the science area of Ellis College. 

The assessment newsletter has been completed. The first issue will be sent to faculty and staff in both printed form and electronic form. If someone wishes to have the newsletter in printed form in the future they must send a request to Ginger Otwell. 

New assessment training times have been set and Wrenette Tedder will be sending out invitations to the training sessions. 

Discussion was held on what to include in the next assessment newsletter and how often it should be done. Wrenette Tedder stated that, in the past, the newsletter has been done once a semester but she is open to sending out a newsletter more than this if there is enough material to go into the newsletter. Some items that will be included in future issues are spotlights on both a non-academic and an academic area, a glossary of terms, information on upcoming deadlines, updates from the steering committee, the upcoming Higher Learning Commission visit, etc. 

A report on the Quick Reference Guide was given to the Team by the subcommittee members, Phillip Schroeder, Pam Ligon, and Bob Yehl. The guide has become bigger than first anticipated. The framework for the guide has been taken from presentations that Wrenette Tedder gave on assessment in the past. The subcommittee will be getting together again to brainstorm on more ideas of what else needs to be included in the guide. 

Wrenette Tedder gave a brief overview of the 2007 Focus Visit Follow-up (see attachment) to the Team. In the overview she discussed the positive changes that the focus visit team commented on and the areas that need to show improvement. Ms. Tedder also listed the goals that the University Assessment Team needs to set in order to get ready for the upcoming 10 year assessment visit by the Higher Learning Commission. She said that HSU needs to utilize the data they gather from doing assessment and use it across the board. The Team also needs to continue to be a viable source to disseminate information. 

Wrenette Tedder also handed out the Criteria for Accreditation that came from the HLC website. The handout listed all core components and examples of evidence for each criteria. She suggested that information from this handout be included in the next newsletter. 

At the next Team meeting, Ms. Tedder stated that she would show Team members how to use the new version of Tracdat. 

The meeting was adjourned at 3:52 p.m. 

April 22

Henderson State University Assessment Team 
Meeting Minutes 
April 22, 2009

Present: Wrenette Tedder, Phillip Schroeder, Karen Spradlin, Brett Serviss, Bernie Hellums, Nathan Campbell, Bob Yehl, David Thigpen, Pam Ligon, Vernon Miles 

Absent: Ginger Otwell, Megan Harness, Lecia Franklin, Jeff Bailey-SGA Representative 

Next Meeting: May 6, 2009 

Wrenette Tedder reported assessment workshops were held for the academic areas to develop their mission statement and goals. Each department in Teachers College attended the training workshop. Both the BBA and MBA coordinators in the School of Business bachelor program attended the first session; however, aviation did not attend. Ellis College representatives from Biology, English, Spanish, Mathematics, Computer Science, Sociology, and Human Services also participated in the first session. The second part of the assessment training has been set for next week. Each Teachers College department has signed up for session two. Also, representatives from Biology, English, Spanish, and Mathematics have signed up. Wrenette has a departmental meeting scheduled with Music to discuss the entire assessment process. The summer will be dedicated to conducting workshops for the nonacademic areas. 

Wrenette provided a report on the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) conference that she recently attended along with Vernon Miles, Angela Boswell, and Jennifer Holbrook. The focus was on student learning. 

Wrenette provided highlights from the recent Arkansas Association for the Assessment of Collegiate Learning (AAACL) spring conference held on UALR’s campus April 9. The conference was attended by Ginger Otwell, Pam Ligon and Wrenette Tedder. Dr. Bob Mundhenk, the coordinator of assessment workshops at the Higher Learning Commission, was the featured key-note speaker. Wrenette’s workshop on the Institutional Effectiveness of Administrative Units was very well attended. 

Vernon Miles informed the Team that he has applied to be a Peer Reviewer for the Higher Learning Commission. He said that he considering submitting Henderson as a Beta Case for the new accrediting pathways. 

Old Business 
Chairman Schroeder distributed the first rendition of the “Quick Reference Guide” to assessment for the Team to review. He asked that comments and suggestions be sent to him through campus mail. Phillip stated that the guide is not intended to be a detailed reference. The finished guide will be in an 8 ½ x 11 format so that it can be easily photocopied. Included will also be visual examples of TracDat entries. 

New Business 
Chairman Schroeder proposed that the Assessment Newsletter be published four times a year (September 1, December 1, February 1 and May). 

Dr. Miles discussed and asked for feedback regarding inviting three individuals from Youngstown to campus to speak to the faculty at the back-to-school faculty meeting in August. This group recently spoke of the calamities they encountered while preparing for their accreditation visit from the Higher Learning Commission. 

May 6 meeting will be used to discuss those responsible for writing articles to include in the next Assessment Newsletter. 

Chairman Schroeder suggested recognizing those academic and nonacademic units for their assessment successes. The consensus of the Team was to invite the campus to a brown bag event honoring those units where beverage and dessert would be provided. September or early October was the targeted timeframe. 

Wrenette mentioned that Dr. Maki, higher education consultant specializing in assisting institutions integrate assessment of student learning into educational practices, asked that Henderson provide a case study to be included in her next book. 

The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 p.m.

September 9

Henderson State University Assessment Team 
Meeting Minutes 
September 9, 2009 

Present: Wrenette Tedder, Phillip Schroeder, Karen Spradlin, Brett Serviss, Lecia Franklin, Bernie Hellums, Margaret Hoskins, Bob Yehl, David Thigpen, and Pam Ligon 

Absent: Vernon Miles, Ginger Otwell, Megan Harness, SGA Representative 

Next Meeting: September 23, 2009 

The September 9, 2009, Assessment Team meeting was called to order by Phillip Schroeder, chair. The Team met in the Garrison Center Dawson Room at 4:00 p.m. 

Wrenette Tedder stated that by the next meeting the Assessment Handbook and Assessment Planning Guide would be available. 

Wrenette informed the Team she is waiting for a name to fill the graduate student position vacancy. This member will be from the School of Business. Individuals currently serving on the Assessment Team will remain as members through the Higher Learning Commission’s (HLC) visit unless they leave the university or are replaced by their supervisor. 

Co-chairs are Sharon Gardner and Ken Taylor. Members include Cecilia Addington, Margaret Hoskins, Holly Morado, Phillip Schroeder, Basil Miller, Bob Yehl (find the other name). Wrenette noted that three Assessment Team members are serving on this committee. 

Wrenette reported that TracDat refresher sessions are to be held September 10 and 11. During the September 21 session those attending will revisit the mission statement and objectives. October 16 is the deadline for all areas to enter their new information into TracDat. 

Old Business 
Assessment Cycle. Wrenette Tedder reported that 74 out of 80 (93%) of the areas have closed the loop. Last year only 60% had closed the loop. Those not closing the loop included Residence Life, Human Resources, Diversity, Honors College, Ellis College, English (partially complete), and Spanish. Teachers College Henderson totally completed the process. 

Newsletter. The majority of the articles have been submitted for the September newsletter. Bob Yehl was asked to submit an article for the February newsletter. 

Assessment Quick Reference Guide. Chairman Schroeder distributed a draft of the “Quick Reference Guide” to assessment for the Team to review. He asked that comments and suggestions be sent to him through campus mail. Phillip stated that the guide is not intended to be a detailed reference. 

New Business 
Set semester and school-year goals and agenda. Much discussion was given to future goals for the Assessment Team. Seeking 100% reporting. 

Assessment Team evaluation process. Wrenette will explain and train the Team at the next meeting on what will be expected in reviewing assessment plans. 

Higher Learning Commission assessment related responsibilities. Wrenette visited with the team who spoke at the back-to-school faculty meeting. They thought we were much better off than many of the other universities. 

The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 p.m. 

October 28

Henderson State University Assessment Team 
Meeting Minutes 
October 28, 2009 

Present: Wrenette Tedder, Ginger Otwell, Phillip Schroeder, Lecia Franklin, Margaret Hoskins, Bob Yehl, David Thigpen, Bernie Hellums, and Jeff Bailey 

Absent: Pam Ligon, Karen Spradlin, Graduate Representative 

Guest: Vernon Miles 

Next Meeting: November 11, 2009, Room - TBA 

The next Assessment Newsletter will be published in early February. Articles from Vernon Miles, Katherine Strauss, Wrenette Tedder, Phillip Schroeder, Bob Yehl need to be sent to Ginger Otwell by January 18th. 

Evaluation books were handed out to each team member. The books contained the departments the team member would be evaluating along with evaluation sheets. There are three members to each team. Team member information is also included in the book. Access information to use TracDat was also given out to the teams. 

Instructions were given regarding evaluating the departments. Once each team member has completed the evaluation of each department they have in their book, they can either return the book to Wrenette Tedder or bring the book to the November 11th meeting to hand in. 

Teams can work together or individually on the evaluations. If you work as a team, you can either turn in individual evaluation sheets or team sheets to Wrenette Tedder. 

Once all evaluation sheets are returned to Wrenette Tedder, she will look over the evaluations and get with the various teams if there are questions. If there are no questions, Ms. Tedder will schedule meetings with the departments that need to make changes to their assessment plan. 

The following departments are not included for evaluation at this time: 
     1. Dietetics 
     2. Diversity 
     3. Legal Counsel 

The meeting was adjourned at 4:29 p.m. 

December 9

Henderson State University Assessment Team 
Meeting Minutes 
Dawson Room, 4:00 p.m. 
December 9, 2009


Present: Wrenette Tedder, Phillip Schroeder, David Thigpen, Margaret Hoskins, Bob Yehl, Matthew 
Kirkpatrick, and Pam Ligon 

Absent: Ginger Otwell, Karen Spradlin, Brett Serviss, Vernon Miles, Lecia Franklin, Jeff Bailey, Bernie 

Next Meeting: January 13, 2010 

Wrenette Tedder reported that she is reviewing 80 assessment plans. Her goal is to have them 
completed before the Christmas break in order for Dr. Miles to them home over the break to review them. 
Many of them have been approved with minor revisions. 

Wrenette asked the Assessment Team to meet with their respective areas when she calls a meeting. 

Wrenette asked the Team to consider whether all plans are to be reviewed or pick a few each semester. 
Discussion was whether we want to review half of the plans. The Team agreed we are too close to the 
Higher Learning Commission visit. 

Wrenette informed the Team that currently there is a 93% compliance compared to a 33% compliance 
rate a year ago. 

New Business
Chairman Schroeder proposed that the Assessment Team set goals for the spring. 

Need to look at the time table to see if it is practical and meets our cycle needs. We are to look at our 
options in the spring and how we collect and evaluate. 

Phillip suggested that we make a policy to review and compile data on one plan. 

One goal for the spring term is to review the preassessment process taking into consideration policies, 
deadlines, calendars, etc. The Henderson catalog and the University Academic Council minutes will be 
used as a couple of references for that information. 

Phillip asked that Wrenette send a meeting schedule for the upcoming semester: January 13, 2010, will 
be our first meeting of the spring term at 4:00 p.m. January 27, February 10, February 24, March 10, 
March 31, April 14 and April 28. 

Wrenette formally thanked Phillip Schroeder for his service as chair this past year. 

The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

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