2004 Minutes

Wednesday, March 3, 2004 
3:30 p.m. – Womack Board Room

Wrenette Tedder opened the meeting asking if there were any questions or problems encountered when looking over various faculty assessment plans. One point noted was that the plans were not in the format the team members were looking for. Several members felt that the information wasn’t there. Mrs. Tedder requested that the team members write as many comments as possible so that she can take these comments do each department to discuss any deficiencies found. Mrs. Tedder also stated that the elements in the plan were not the plan itself and if there was missing information she needs to know about it prior to her meetings with the departments. HSU is 10 years behind in assessment so don’t expect everyone to provide everything needed the first time. Another point noted was that some team members felt like the objectives were not measurable and wanted to know how the measurability is to accomplished. 

Mrs. Tedder handed out a tentative timeline for the assessment team showing dates of future meetings and things that the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment will be doing prior to the end of the spring semester. Two revisions to the timeline include: moving the March 16th meeting to March 17th and the March 30th meeting to March 31st. 

Mrs. Tedder also handed out individual books containing various assessment plans for each sub group to review. These plans are to be completed and turned back in to the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment by March 30th. Once the books are returned, Mrs. Tedder will compile the individual assessments of each sub group member onto one sheet and get with the departments who provided the assessment plans. April 16th is the target date to complete departmental meetings. Mrs. Tedder will report the progress that she has made with the departments at the April 21st assessment team meeting. Mrs. Tedder also stated that all academic resubmissions will be due for the 2004-2005 academic year prior to leaving campus on May 8th. This is being done so that the departments can develop their syllabi accordingly and notify students of how they will be assessed beginning Fall 2004. Data is not required for the current assessment plans; however, it will be required by the end of 2005. 

It was noted that Vice President Doris Wright is currently submitting the non-academic assessment plans for her area. These plans will be distributed to the committee at a later ate. Bob Yehl stated that the library may resubmit their assessment plans for the library. Mrs. Tedder emphasized that the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment is here to help all departments with the necessary data if possible. 

Mrs. Tedder told the team that in looking at the reviews already turned in on prior assessment plans, she feels that the team is headed in the right direction. Each of the points made area valid. Jennifer Holbrook asked for feedback on her evaluating skills so that she knows she is on the right track. Mrs. Tedder said that the more comments made on the review, the better off she will be when she meets with the departments. 

Mrs. Tedder let the team members know that some of the plans that are currently up for review did not follow procedures. She stated that the plans need to be uniform and that the team is not looking at the plans for substance but to be sure that all of the elements are there. 

Haroon Khan asked Mrs. Tedder if she had a sample of a good assessment plan. Mrs. Tedder said that she would provide one at the next meeting so that the team could look at it. 

Mrs. Tedder asked the team to look over the draft of the ____________________ and send comments to her prior to the next meeting. The draft needs to be moved forward to the next person. 

Mrs. Tedder asked if any of the team members had any questions. Jennifer Holbrook asked if a measurement is straight forward and there is a system in plan to do the measurement, is there a reason to have 3 measures. Mrs. Tedder stated that she will have to look at the plan and the measurements to see if it is necessary. She stressed; however, that other universities use 3 measurements because if measure 1 fails you still have two other measures as backup. Mrs. Tedder stated that the team will ask for 3 measures and if they don’t get the 3 then they will require an explanation as to why they are not needed. Mrs. Tedder stated that she would send out a list of websites where the team members could look at what is being done at other schools to all of the team members. Mrs. Tedder also stated that she will forward the newsletter that she sent out to the faculty regarding assessment to the team members because it contained some useful links. 

Mrs. Tedder closed the meeting by noting that the assessment cycle for faculty will be updated at the next meeting so that faculty can start the timeline needed for 2004-2005. She also stated that once the faculty assessment plans are finished that she will begin visiting with the non-academic areas to get them on the schedule for assessment.