Assessment Team

The University Assessment Team provides leadership and assistance in the development,supervision, and continuation of an institutional effectiveness program. The purpose of the University Assessment Team is to solicit and facilitate continuous self-evaluation and improvement across all academic and nonacademic units at Henderson State University. The University Assessment Team serves in an advisory capacity to all units to insure perpetual development of goals and desired outcomes and assessment plans, to monitor progress in the assessment process, and report the results of the changes and progress that occur in the assessment process.

The University Assessment Team has developed and implemented the University Assessment Plan. The University Assessment Plan focuses on the overall performance of the university,including recruiting, retention, and matriculation, as well as any and all units that contribute to the fulfillment of the university’s mission. The goal of the University Assessment Plan is to evaluate the sum of all the parts to determine if the university is meeting the mission; to develop measures of success; recommend action plans for improvement, and report results to the leadership of Henderson State University.

The University Assessment Team has established clear guidelines for the development of assessment plans. A schedule for the submission, review, and implementation of the plans has been set and is currently in effect. Criteria for evaluating the plans have been created.

Program Assessment Plans

Assessment plans have been developed for all units, both academic and nonacademic. Each plan will is linked to the university mission statement. The student outcomes also link to the mission statement. Each plan consists of at least three measures for each outcome. The measures should include both direct and indirect measures. Each unit should involve the entire faculty and/or staff in the area for feedback in the development of the assessment plan. The assessment process is a continuous process in the improvement of the unit.

Assessment Plan Review        

  1. Assessment plans should be reviewed by Dean.
  2. Units will submit plans to the Director of Assessment.
  3. Director of Assessment will assist in the organization of the plans submitted.
  4. Plans will be submitted to the University Assessment Team for review.
  5. The University Assessment Team will use a standard evaluation form for the review process. Each unit will be evaluated based on the same guidelines.
  6. The Director of Assessment will serve as the spokesperson for the University Assessment Team when rendering the Team’s evaluation and recommendations

Assessment Implementation

  1. Once a unit has received approval, they must start the implementation of the assessment program.
  2. Each unit will provide the Director of Assessment a copy of each measurement used in the assessment process.
  3. The unit will report findings to the Director of Assessment and the University Assessment Team.
  4. The unit will also provide recommendations for changes in the program or the department based on the findings.               


The University Assessment Team has worked diligently in the development of an assessment process congruent with Henderson State University mission. The process will change over time to fit the university’s needs. The University Assessment Team will continue to work together to make improvements and refinements to the process.


Brett Serviss, Co-Chair 
Ellis College of Arts and Science Representative 

Wrenette Tedder, Co-Chair
Director of Assessment