Black Alumni Chapter


Formed in  2017, the Black Alumni Chapter of the Henderson State Alumni Association (HSAA) serves over 2,500 alumni living in the United States. The first organizational meeting for the Black Alumni Chapter will be held during Homecoming 2017.

If you are interested in serving in a leadership role for the inaugural year of the Black Alumni Chapter, please complete the leadership interest form. 


Lloyd Jackson '02

Steering Committee

Lamar Bailey ‘84
Toney Banks ‘92
Valerie Dewese ‘88
Alvin Futrell ‘70
Tenesha Greer ‘03
Vikita Hardwrick‘88
Larry Jefferson ‘88


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HSAA Chapter Handbook
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Purpose and Membership

The purpose of the Black Alumni Chapter is to create a solid connection with minority alumni in an effort to create affinity and an avenue to give back to Alma Mater Henderson.  

General membership shall be any former students and graduates of Henderson State University. Honorary Membership may be conferred on a person who renders or has distinguished service or valuable assistance to the Black Alumni, the community and/or Henderson State University. 

Membership dues for new graduates are waived for the first year following graduation. 



October 2017

Black Alumni Chapter Organizational Meeting (Tentative)
Saturday, October 21, 2017, 8:30 - 9:30 a.m.
Henderson State University, Location TBD


Maurice HortonIn 1957, Maurice R. Horton Sr. received a bachelor's degree in mathematics and was the first black student to graduate from Henderson State Teachers College in its 77 years of existence.  Unlike many schools, Henderson State did not wait until a federal court order forced integration.  The process of racial desegregation at Henderson State was quicker than in Arkansas’s elementary and secondary schools.  During the same year Horton graduated, the crisis at Little Rock’s Central High School was boiling over. 

Mr. Horton will always be acknowledged as a student who left us a milestone in the history of our institution.  The impact of Maurice R. Horton’s attendance at Henderson State University is recognized every time a student of color earns a college degree.  Henderson State University must never forget that he did it first.  


Dr. Jones and Wanda Harris   

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