Alumni Board Interest Form

The Alumni Board is an advisory council that represents the Henderson alumni community. These volunteers advise the Alumni Services office and are charged with the responsibility of carrying out programs of the Alumni Association.

Term: 3 years*
Meetings: 4 per year (quarterly), Meetings are held on the Henderson campus. 
Volunteer Opportunities: Alumni Board members are expected to volunteer for various alumni events throughout the academic year.
Committees: Alumni Awards, Special Activities, and Scholarship. Committee meetings require at least one or two meetings per year in addition to quarterly board meetings. All board members serve on a committee. 

*Members elected to the office of Alumni Board President serve a five-year term consisting of President-Elect, President and Past President. 

If you are interesting in serving on the Alumni Board and can commit to the items listed above, please submit the form below to the Office of Development and Alumni. By submitting this form, you agree for Alumni Services to share your personal information, as well as contact information for your references, with existing members of the Alumni Board. You will be contacted if additional information is needed and for an informal interview with a board member or the Alumni Services Coordinator. All applicants will be notified when selections for empty positions are made. Your application will be kept on file for three years. 

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