Teacher Licensure

Teachers College, Henderson is proud of its licensure programs and the candidates completing those programs. Teachers College, Henderson is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and all programs are approved by the Arkansas Board of Education. 

Obtaining licensure

  1. Select an undergraduate or graduate program.
  2. Complete the program of study by meeting all requirements.
  3. Undergraduate teacher candidates must complete the online application for licensure. All other candidates must complete a paper application for licensure.  This application is kept in the licensure office.  When the degree is posted, or the program of study is completed, the registrar's office will send an official transcript to the ADE Licensure Office.  The HSU licensure office then sends the application to the Arkansas Department of Education to process.  
  4. Complete requirements for an FBI and Arkansas State Police background check.
  5. Complete an Arkansas Child Maltreatment Central Registry Form
  6. Pass all parts of the Core exams and Praxis II test required for teacher licensure in specific areas. 


For more information about licensure, call Dr. Celya Taylor, Dean/Licensure Officer, or leave a message with Karen Hollis, administrative assistant.

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