Minors, Endorsements and Certifications

Recreation Minor

REC 2003 Introduction to Recreation and Sport
REC 3023 Program Planning Practicum
REC 3253 Inclusive Recreation
REC 4083 Organization and Administration of Recreation
REC ____ Directed Elective from professional recreation core All Students wishing to pursue a Recreation minor must be approved by the Department Chair.

Coaching Endorsement Grades K-12  


___ ___      HHP   2043 Prevention & Treatment of Athletic & Exercise Related Injuries      3

___ ___      HPE   2023 Sports Officiating                                                                              3

___ ___      HPE   2663 Motor Learning & Development Acquisition                                      3

___ ___      HPE   2203 Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology                                      3

___ ___      HPE   3033 Psychological Ethics of Coaching Theory                                            3

___ ___      HPE   4042 Coaching Team Sports K-12                                                                2

___ ___      HPE   4052 Coaching Individual Sports K-12                                                         2

                                                               TOTAL                                                                       19


Test Requirements

Praxis II Specialty Area Test

Physical Education: Content & Design 5095

Register for the Praxis test at www.ets.org



* Must take HPE 3033 before enrolling in HPE 4042 and/or HPE 4052


This coaching endorsement is for non-health & physical educations major that holds or is eligible to hold an Arkansas teacher license grades K-12.

Lifeguard Certification

HPR 2173 Lifeguard Training and Waterfront Lifeguarding

If the student is currently a certified lifeguard, this class can be credited toward lifeguard instructor certification.

Water Safety Instructor Certification

HPR 2053 Water Safety Instructor

Emergency Medical Technician Certification

ATP 1136 Emergency Medical Technology

This course qualifies the student to take the NREMT exam. After passing the NREMT exam, the student will receive licensure for the state of Arkansas.
This course may act as a prerequisite for an advanced Emergency Medical Technology course or for a Paramedic course.

Black Belt Certification

HPR 1551 Tae Kwon Do (Beginning)
HPR 2551 Tae Kwon Do (Intermediate)
HPR 3551 Tae Kwon Do (Advanced)

To obtain a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, the student must be extremely dedicated to practicing Tae Kwon Do outside of class.
In addition to the above classes, a student must pass 9 physical skills tests. A minimum of 3 years is required to complete certification.
A student will be certified to instruct Tae Kwon Do with this certification.