Professional Internship Semester

Teacher internship is a period of guided teaching during which the teacher intern, under the direction of cooperating teachers, takes increasing responsibility for leading the school experiences of a given group of learners over an extended period of time and engages directly in many of the activities which constitute the wide range of teacher responsibilities. This opportunity is to allow the teacher intern to put into practice what has been learned thus far in the teacher education program and to experience the full-time life of a teacher. It serves as a period of professional growth in which the intern faces new challenges daily. By the end of the teacher internship experience, interns should be ready to take the next step toward a regular teaching position.


To be eligible for internship candidates must meet the following requirements:

  1. Admission to the Educator Preparation Program
  2. Completion of all coursework
  3. Submission of Application of Graduation signed by registrar
  4. Overall 2.70 grade point average
  5. Grade point average of 2.7 and no grade lower than C in required education courses
  6. Grade point average of 2.7 and no grade lower than C in the teaching field(s)
  7. Adequacy of health and physical condition for teaching
  8. Evidence of dispositions appropriate for teaching
  9. Recommendation of the student’s major department and other faculty
  10. Clearance on FBI, Arkansas State Police and DHS background checks
  11. Passing Praxis II content test scores

 Internship application process

  • Complete an online application through Tk20
  • Submit signed and completed copy of the HSU Graduation Application (approved by advisor, department chair, and Registrar)
  • Submit five copies of candidate’s personal essay (with proof from writing center)
  • Submit five copies of Biographical Data form
  • Obtain satisfactory ratings by two (2) Henderson State University faculty members
  • Attend the mandatory Pre-Internship Orientation Meeting

*Candidates should complete the Application for Graduation & Application for Internship one semester prior to internship setting.  Semester deadlines for internship applications are October 1 for spring internship and March 1 for fall internship.


Internship Handbook

Cooperating Teacher Handbook

Graduation Application