Educator Preparation Program candidates should apply for admission to the program by the end of the sophomore year or upon completion of Teacher Education Orientation Module I course in accordance with the procedures established by the Teachers College, Henderson Teacher Education Council. The Director of Educator Preparation Admissions and Clinical Experiences will evaluate the records and determine each candidate’s eligibility for admission into the Teacher Education Program.  When an application to the Educator Preparation Program is evaluated, the candidate will receive a formal letter of acceptance or pending acceptance. The letter includes requirements for entering the professional semester/teacher internship.  Candidates should note that admission into the Educator Preparation Program is a prerequisite to enrollment in Principles of Learning and Teaching Module III or secondary methods courses.

Successful admission into the Teacher Education Program includes completion of the following:

Academic Requirements

  • Grade of C or better in College Algebra (or Math for Liberal Arts), English A & B, Oral Communications
  • 2.7 GPA
  • Acceptable ratings on Entrance Interview
  • Completion of EDU 2000 Teacher Education Orientation (CR)

Testing Requirements 

  • A score of 20 on the ACT Math
  • A score of 20 on the ACT Reading
  • A score of 6 on the ACT Writing
  • Praxis CORE: Math, Reading, or Writing can replace scores for the above tests.

The flowchart below illustrates possible testing scenarios:

Flow Chart of Admissions Requirements

Application process

  • Complete an online Educator Preparation Admissions Application through Tk20
  • Complete an online Statement of Understanding through TK20


Educator Preparation Program Handbook