Curriculum and Instruction

When teachers speculate, reason, and contemplate using
open-mindedness, whole-heartedness, and responsibility,
they will act with foresight and planning rather than
base their actions on tradition, authority, or impulse.
-John Dewey

If you have ever thought about making a difference in the lives of others through teaching, the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Henderson State University Teachers College is the place for you. Through facilitation of our core values, the faculty in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction seek to foster a connection between education and life with our teacher candidates.

Nationally recognized for its preparation of educators, the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Henderson State University offers undergraduate programs in Elementary Education (K-6), Middle Level Education (4-8), and Special Education (K-12) along with the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) graduate degree licensure program.

Core Values

Experiential Learning

We believe in a constructivist/inquiry based approach to student learning in which the construction of knowledge is an active social, emotional, and intellectual process that involves student interest, academic orientation, and peer support.

Collaboration and Community

We believe that learning is both an individual and socially collaborative process. Through engagement with global, national, local, and classroom communities, students learn about, with, and through those communities.

Global Mindset and Skills

We believe that learning involves creativity through active engagement, critical thinking through the questioning of assumptions, and understanding through the exploration of local and global communities.

Competency, Care and Professionalism

We believe that exemplary teachers are those that demonstrate competency with content and pedagogy, exhibit care for students and their families, and maintain professional interactions with colleagues, students and the community.

Communication and Transparency

We believe that the best teaching occurs when teachers and students communicate through an open honest and respectful dialogue with one another and their teachers.

Tradition and Innovation

We believe that the most effective way to teach and build curriculum is through a hybrid of traditional and innovative interaction. It is the concept behind the tradition and/or innovation, rather than its longevity or novelty, which makes it effective.


Dr. Matthew Sutherlin, chair
Paula Golden, administrative assistant
Education Building, Office 247