Academic Reading

Academic reading is fundamentally different from the reading that we do on a day-to-day basis with magazines, newspapers and websites. It requires an understanding of and the ability to ascertain the main ideas, theories, key themes, arguments, and supporting points which a text contains. The Academic Reading program at Henderson State University provides students with support in attaining the skills necessary to be successful in coursework and beyond.

The Academic Reading course at Henderson State University is meant to give students exposure to a wide variety of academic texts, vocabulary, and reading strategies. The goals of this course are as follows:

  • To introduce students to essential vocabulary and language skills
  • To explore the basic grammatical and cultural norms in reading
  • To develop reading strategies that can aid in academic success
  • To meet students' individual reading needs

Scores on the ACT, SAT, ASSET, and COMPASS test determine the need to complete RDG 0043 Academic Reading:

  • ACT: 0-18
  • SAT: 0-469
  • ASSET: 0-42
  • COMPASS: 0-81