Online Special Education K-12 (MSE)

Nationally recognized by Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) 

How the Online Educational Program Works

Courses meet online. Instruction, lectures, and student presentations are delivered using web conferencing (Blackboard Collaborate/Angel).  Course management system Blackboard Collaborate/Angel is utilized for continual communication with professor and class colleagues and for management of assignments. Online class meetings are scheduled each semester.

Special Education Program

The Special Education Program offers a Master of Science in Education (MSE) in K-12 degree as well as a program of study. Special education degree (K-12) is offered at the undergraduate level. The programs are driven by standards and research and are delivered through courses aligned to the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) standards. Candidates gain knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to be productive and successful school instructors.

Teachers College, Henderson, also offers a Bachelor of Science in Special Education.


Estimate for 24 hours is approximately $6,500 not including books. Figures below are from the 2014-2015 HSU Budget.

Graduate In-State Tuition $246.00 per hour.
Application to Graduate School $25.00
Online Course Fee $45.00 per course
Technology Fee $12 per hour

Various other charges may apply based on the department and course number of certain classes.


Applicants for admission must submit an on-line graduate application form, current teaching license, and arrange for official complete transcripts of all undergraduate and/or graduate course work to be sent directly to the Henderson State University Graduate office. Applicant seeking admission must satisfy the general requirements of the Graduate School as well as requirements for the Program of Study for Special Education MSE/ALP and Developmental Therapist MS/Certification. Items for admission:

• Application to Graduate School 
• Transcripts

• Teaching License
• Immunization Form 
• Informed Consent Form 

Transfer Work

All transfer work must be completed within the last six (6) years and course artifacts from transferred courses must be aligned to CEC and standards and must be included in Portfolio Defense/Exit Interview. Upon approval, a maximum of SIX (6) hours transfer work can be applied to the degree. An official transcript from school of origin for transfer work is required in the graduate office to document coursework.

Portfolio/Exit Interview

Candidates must complete a portfolio as part of the Special Education program of study and MSE degree.
A portfolio is an individualized collection of purposeful, interrelated materials which is ongoing and flexible. The portfolio becomes an assessment tool, which leads to self-improvement through the development of reflective thinking and inquiry. Candidates select artifacts from class assignments and align them to the appropriate Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) standards. The portfolio is evaluated using a rubric aligned to the CEC standards.

Licensure Program of Study

Special Education candidates are required to pass the Special Education: Core Knowledge and Applications 0354/5354 Praxis assessment prior to receiving their licenses.  

Required Courses & Course Descriptions

EDU 6413 Introduction to Research

SPE 6313 Special Education Law

SPE 6323 Behavior Management

SPE 5403 Assessment and Programming

SPE 5393 Advanced Methods of Instructing Severe/Profound Disabilities

SPE 5103 Advanced Methods of Instructing Mild/Moderate Disabilities

SPE 5213 Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders

SPE 6423 Practicum in Teaching Students with Disabilities K-4

SPE 6433 Practicum in Teaching Students with Disabilities 4-12

SPE 6273 Research Problems

Elective approved by Advisor

Candidacy form
ALP Candidacy form


Carolyn Dyer
Assistant Professor of Special Education

Glenda Hyer
Assistant Professor of Special Education

Peggy Woodall
Assistant Professor of Special Education

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