Anthropology Courses

ANT 2013 (ANTH2013)      
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology      

A survey of traditional, non European cultures around the world in the present and recent past. Using anthropological theories and methods, the course examines similarities and differences between cultures in the way people solve common human problems. Select societies will be examined in detail.

ANT 2023 (ANTH1013)      
Introduction to Physical Anthropology and Archeology  

Prehistoric human cultural development is examined through evidence from fossils, tools and archeological sites. Related data from primate studies, genetics and cultural anthropology are used to examine current theories of human biological and cultural origins and development. Methods and techniques of physical anthropology and archeology are reviewed.

ANT 3043     
North American Indians      

Survey of American Indian cultures north of Mexico, including an examination of their origins, prehistory and archeology, and cultural diversity. A selection of Indian cultures in each of the geographic subdivisions of North America will be examined in detail, including Indians of Arkansas. Similarities and differences among Indian groups in respect to ecology, as well as social, political and religious cultural subsystems will be explored. Meets the non-Western Cultural requirement.

ANT 3096     
Archeological Field School   

This course is an intensive practicum in archeological field research methods. Students learn techniques of site survey, excavation, recording, and artifact identification through participation in an archeological dig.

ANT 4053, 5053      
World Cultures         

A worldwide survey of traditional non-Western cultures, from small scale foragers and farmers to socially complex Non-Europeans of the recent past and present. We will look comparatively at ways that different people solve universal human problems, examine closely a sample of cultures to consider the interconnections among social, ideological and material aspects of life and consider relationships between Western and non-Western cultures on issues of worldwide concern like ecological change, warfare, and industrialization. Meets the non-Western Cultural requirement.

ANT 4083, 5083      
Readings and Research in Anthropology  

Designed for individuals at the senior level to conduct independent reading and research into selected topics of problem areas in any of the subfields of anthropology.